The default JSP files and CSS files are functional, but they're not very pretty. I'm a total klutz when it comes to doing something beautiful, so if you have any ideas or better yet, concrete code, CSS files or whatever to make JSPWiki look prettier.

Note that the Wiki should still be kept simple, fast, and functional across browsers.

I would also like to add a couple of choosable templates to the JSPWiki distribution. We'd need one CSS-based template (with user-switchable skins), and then perhaps something else (something suitable for a weblog?).


Older comments:#

  • There should be some default templates here in different languages (see my comment TemplateDiscussion "Making Live easier - Use String-Variables within each JSP-File for Language-Translation!
  • Look at TableTemplate for an example of a facelift. --Mortena (Submitted 2002; as of 10-2005 the outward links showing the template are broken. --G. Hagedorn).
  • Look at ButtonMenuTemplate for a new CSS skin based template (06-Jun-2004) -- BaldeepHira.
  • See TemplateIdeaHoveringMenu for a CSS modification of left menu.
  • On a side note, shouldn't we distinguish between JSP and JSP-fragment. Currently everything has a .jsp extension this is a problem for pre-compilation of JSPs. We should have *.jspf extension for JSP fragments. -- BaldeepHira -- Good idea! --MikeMorris
(refactored by G. Hagedorn)


  • JanneJalkanen: I would go for some minimalist Nordic design (IKEA style, anyone?). I'm specifically looking for a design which does not add a slew of new Javascript features, but concentrates on usability, accessibility, i18n, and simply good looks.

Using a ContributedTemplate as a base or other sources of inspiration#


  • 21-Apr-2007: During a recent discussion on the mailing list, a consensus has decided that BrushedTemplate will be used as a starting point for the new default template for JSPWiki 2.5/2.6. The skins feature of BrushedTemplate would allow a variety of skins to be produced for JSPWiki.

To improve the default template, some really basic things can be done. I think that portions of MoinMoin and XWiki can serve as inspiration. For the record I'm using Mac OS X and Camino/Safari/FireFox. First, Moin Moin uses a larger font - not sure if you like that but I think it looks nice and makes the UI look more simple. Also, look at the links in XCode - they are a subtle soft blue which I think looks nice. I am currently evaluating Java-based wiki software to replace SnipSnap in an open source project. The interface of SnipSnap just seems to get in the way for me.

--Philip Weaver, 21-Apr-2007

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