This is just to get the ball rolling on a page showing when various features either arrived on the JSPWiki scene or might do so. Some might consider this document a RoadMap but it's important to remember this is not a set of stated commitments, just some ideas about what we think has happened and what might happen if people step up to the plate, find the time, deliver the code and documentation, etc.

[Read: mights rather than wills or shalls]

Feature Main contributor(s) Priority Notes
JSPWiki 2.4
JAAS-based authentication AndrewJaquith yes Done. See Security2.3Howto
Java 2 security policies AndrewJaquith yes Done. See Security2.3Howto
WikiEvents MurrayAltheim yes Done.
NewRenderingEngine JanneJalkanen yes Done.
JSPWiki 2.6
Internationalization JanneJalkanen A Done.
JavascriptLocalization JanneJalkanen, DF A Available as of 2.5.41.
WikiCreole ChristophSauer A Available as a filter
Local security policies AndrewJaquith A Done as of 2.5.26.
Workflow AndrewJaquith A Done.
AdminUI B Skeleton exists.
DynamicReconfiguration B Not yet done
BetterTransclusions C Can really be added almost anytime...
WYSIWYG editing with FCKeditor SebastianBaltes,
B Mostly done; needs more testing and improvements though
RelaxedWikiNames JanneJalkanen A Done, not tested completely
Servlet 2.4 compatibility JanneJalkanen A Implemented as of 2.5.23
JSPWiki 3.0
Java 5 AndrewJaquith A in development on local branch
Stripes integration into presentation layer AndrewJaquith A in development on local branch; as a consequence, Commands will go away in favor of Stripes ActionBeans
WikiGarden A AKA WikiFarm or MultipleWikis; See MultiWikiDevelopment
NewProviderInterface JanneJalkanen A
JavaContentRepository JanneJalkanen A aka JSR-170
ReplacingReferenceManager B
TransactionSupport C
MetadataSupport A
XmlRpc2 MurrayAltheim C Could be developed for 2.6 as well
PluginRefactoring C
CorePackageChanges A Some classes are in wrong packages
RemoveDeprecatedMethods C


  • We can try this as a table to see if it's helpful — if this isn't helpful we can scrap it. We can also break this down by user vs. developer, etc.
  • The "Main Contributor" column isn't an attempt to all-inclusively ascribe credit, more ongoing responsibility, i.e., the "owner(s)" of the package (if there is one)
  • It'd be nice if each item in the Feature column were a link to its WikiPage
  • This isn't meant to capture an accurate history, though if we'd been doing this all along it might.

Priority descriptions:

  • A: This is a MUST - a defining feature of a release. Won't be released without this.
  • B: Something which is planned, but completion does not necessarily block the release. For example, a framework might be implemented so that the API can be frozen, but the functionality might be amended in later releases of this branch.
  • C: A non-blocking feature which can be added at any time without really breaking anything or sacrificing compatibility within the branch. E.g. most plugins fall into this category automatically.


I refactored the table a bit to be clearer; I also changed the order and removed obsolete features and added some new ones.

-- JanneJalkanen

Changed the "core" column to a "Priority" column. I couldn't think of a better word, sorry. It's not "priority" in the same sense as a commercial vendor would use; more like the integrability of a feature. Feel free to debate on this and the features...

-- JanneJalkanen

See also: RoadMap, JSPWikiV1Features, JSPWikiV2Features, JSPWiki2.6Features JSPWiki3.0Features

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