The idea is that the basics for working with JSPWiki could be explained in such a way that it would be easy for MereMortals to understand.

Perhaps there could be a ForDummies version of some pages?

The trick here would be that it might take a dummy to understand what they don't understand. They would need to start the page and then work with people who are in the know. Maybe the page could start with a list of stupid questions and answers in WikiWikiWeb:ThreadModeand then a dummy could start to compile it into WikiWikiWeb:DocumentMode.

What do you think?

A very good idea! Feel free to drop in links "for dummies", probably starting from --JanneJalkanen
Super Great Idea! --BrennonObst
Maybe the first stupid question can be a list that starts here;

A very good idea! I like JSP Wiki. Marcello from CARID <-- Broken link

JspWiki and Applets#

I'm new in the web application server business, so please: make a page JspWikiAndApplets and describe the applet-concept, functionality, etc. Actually I have installed 2.6.3 with installed AppletPlugin and some applets do well ( WikiMap ), other applets not ( FreeMindPlugin ). Some use Server-Side-Applets and wraps their usage with an own wrapper-plugin, other use the AppletPlugin-wrapper and attach the applet-classes at the page, etc. It is a little bit confusing (and frustrating), especially for newbies. A clear, straight-forward manual, how applets can be used in JspWiki will be, at least for me :-), very helpful.
thx bZi (04-Jul-08)

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