This page describes most of the files and directories found in a default JSPWiki installation. This description is based on an installation of JSPWiki 2.5.28.

We refer here to the JSPWiki installed directory as $HOME, whose actual location will vary depending on OS, distribution, version, etc. A typical installion directory might be /var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/wiki/ (as on Ubuntu Linux). Directories are listed in bold.

$HOME Directory#

In a default installation you'll find these files and directories in the $HOME directory.

Name Description
admin/ admin JSP files
admin/Admin.jsp Administrative UI launch page. New in 2.5.
admin/SecurityConfig.jsp Does a quick check-up on your security policies.
applets/ Java applets directory (e.g., WikiWizard)
atom.css TBD
Comment.jsp The main JSP controlling adding of comments
CookieError.jsp TBD
DeleteGroup.jsp Controls removal of groups.
Delete.jsp The main JSP controlling deletion of pages and attachments
Diff.jsp shows a comparison (diff) between two wiki pages
EditGroup.jsp Controls the editing of a group.
Edit.jsp the surrounding page for an edit session; invokes the default editor
error/ contains HTML error pages
error/Forbidden.html the block access notice
Error.jsp Is invoked whenever there is an error
Group.jsp TBD
images contains template-independent images
Install.jsp Allows a no-frills way of installation of JSPWiki
LoginForm.jsp contains the logic for finding and including the correct login form, which is loaded from the template directory's LoginContent.jsp page
Login.jsp displays the wiki login page
Logout.jsp invoked after a user logs out, clearing the user cookie and redirecting to webroot
LostPassword.jsp invoked following a user's request for a new password
META-INF/ meta info artifact of war file
NewBlogEntry.jsp Creates a new blog entry; see WeblogPlugin.
NewGroup.jsp TBD
PageInfo.jsp displays the Page Info page
PageModified.jsp TBD
Preview.jsp displays the editing preview page
Rename.jsp Controls renaming of pages.
rss.jsp Generates the per-page RSS and Atom feeds
scripts/ JavaScript files used by wiki (including fckeditor)
Search.jsp Performs a search operation on the wiki.
SisterSites.jsp Allows the use of the wiki SisterSites standard.
templates/ display templates
templates/default/ default template directory (see below)
Upload.jsp displays the file upload page
UserPreferences.jsp displays the User Preferences page
Vote.jsp <obsolete, to be removed>
WEB-INF/ Tomcat configuration directory (see below)
Wiki.jsp displays a view of a wiki page, using the template directory's ViewTemplate.jsp
Workflow.jsp TBD

$HOME/scripts/ Directory#

The JavaScripts directory $HOME/scripts/ contains:

Name Description
cssinclude.js TBD
fckconfig.js JSPWiki-specific configuration for FCKeditor.
fckeditor Placeholder directory for the FCKeditor package.
fckstyles.xml Styles for FCKeditor's Styles dropdown list on the toolbar.
fcktemplates.xml Custom templates for FCKeditor's Template pop-up window.
json-rpc Contain Javascript library with JSON RPC support
jspwiki-common.js Contains a number of common Javascript functions used by many JSPWiki components.
jspwiki-edit.js Contains Javascript functions used by the plain JSPWiki editor.
jspwiki-prefs.js Contains Javascript functions used by the JSPWiki UserPreferences.
mootools.js Contains Javascript library and utilities, with support for ajax, effects, etc. See MootoolsJavascriptLibrary
posteditor.js Contains Javascript functions for tab-completion and snippets. See PostEditor
prettify.js Contains Javascript functions for syntax highlighting. See Prettify Sourcecode
wikiwizard-jspwiki.js TBD

$HOME/templates/default/ Directory#

The default template directory $HOME/templates/default/ contains:

Name Description
admin TBD directory
AttachmentTab.jsp TBD
CommentContent.jsp TBD
commonheader.jsp TBD
ConflictContent.jsp TBD
DiffContent.jsp TBD
DisplayMessage.jsp TBD
EditContent.jsp TBD
EditGroupContent.jsp TBD
editors wiki editors directory
EditTemplate.jsp TBD
Favorites.jsp TBD
FindContent.jsp TBD
Footer.jsp TBD
GroupContent.jsp TBD
Header.jsp TBD
images template-specific images directory
InfoContent.jsp TBD
jspwiki.css TBD
jspwiki_ie.css TBD
jspwiki_mac.css TBD
jspwiki_ns.css TBD
jspwiki_print.css TBD
LoginContent.jsp TBD
NewGroupContent.jsp TBD
PageActions.jsp TBD
PageContent.jsp TBD
PreferencesContent.jsp TBD
PreviewContent.jsp TBD
SearchBox.jsp TBD
UploadTemplate.jsp TBD
ViewTemplate.jsp TBD
WorkflowContent.jsp TBD

$HOME/WEB-INF/ Directory#

The Tomcat configuration directory $HOME/WEB-INF/ contains:

classes/ TBD directory
dtd/ TBD directory
groupdatabase.xml Automatically created if you do not declare the group database to be anywhere else
i18n/ TBD directory
jspwiki.jaas The default JAAS configuration file
jspwiki.jks TBD
jspwiki.policy The default JSPWiki policy file TBD
jspwiki.tld JSPWiki Tag Library Definitions
jstl-fmt.tld JSLT Tag Library Definitions
lib/ TBD directory TBD
oscache.tld OSCache Tag Library definitions
tlds/ TBD directory
userdatabase.xml TBD
web.xml TBD

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