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JSPWiki is developed and run on Sun's JDK versions. For various reasons, someone might want to use alternative Java implementations. Please list your experiences here.

ebu: A hard-core free software person asked me about JSPWiki with a free Java implementation. Any experience out there?

SantiagoGala 20030203 Tomcat does not run with kaffe (the only free Java VM I'm aware of). It needs some patches. Don't know about other Servlet Engines. But you can use simple, non J2EE alternatives for servlet and jsp container. I think it would be possible, but slow and would surely need patches all around.

Sun JDK 1.4#

There is a slight incompatibility with JDK1.4: If you're using JDK1.4 AND you have a system where you have ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8 -encoded files mixed, then you WILL get into trouble, since it seems that Sun's decoding routines no longer throw IOExceptions when it detects corrupted UTF-8. This makes automatic recognition of the input stream a definite hassle.

NiiloNeuvo If you use java.nio.CharsetDecoder you should be able to overcome this problem. I haven't looked into this problem much.

Problem fixed in 2.0.21.

Sun JDK 1.3.1#

No known problems.

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