Keyboard Shortcuts#

JSPWiki implements Keyboard shortcuts (aka accesskeys) for the main wiki functions. (original by Brushed Template, part of JSPWiki from v2.5.95 onwards)
Mac users need to substitute the alt- by the ctrl- key.
Note: IE only selects the button or link when selecting the shortcut key; you need to press Enter to activate it.

Links or buttons with shortcut keys get tooltips (small windows visible when hovering the mouse of the object) with the accesskey indicated like [ t ]his. Most screen-tabs also got keyboard shortcuts; the accesskey will be underlined. Additional shortcuts may be available at screens with input forms, like UserPreferences, etc. Again, underlining is used to highlight the accesskey.

All screens#

  • alt-a : select attachment tab [ a ]
  • alt-e : edit the current page [ e ]
  • alt-f : put focus on the search field [ f ]
  • alt-i : select info tab [ i ]
  • alt-v : view page [ v ]

Edit Page#

  • alt-s : save
  • alt-v : preview
  • alt-q : cancel edit
  • alt-z : undo changes, such as fin&replace or toolbar buttons

Preview Page#

  • alt-s : save
  • alt-e : continue editing
  • alt-q : cancel edit

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