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Comprehensive List of Features#

Wiki TextFormattingRules#

This is the basic for writing wiki pages without knowing HTML. A short list is presented in EditPageHelp

Out of the box features#


[Category YourCategoryName]


A list of the current plugins can be found in JSPWikiPlugins

[{INSERT <plugin class> WHERE param1=value, param2=value, ...}]

Included in the distribution (core plugins)#

Abstract Referral Plugin
Current Time Plugin
Dont Tell Me Show Me
Groups Plugin
If Plugin
Index Plugin
Insert Page
JSP Wiki Features
JSP Wiki Plugins
List Locks Plugin
Page View Plugin
Recent Changes Plugin
Referred Pages Plugin
Referring Pages Plugin
Search Plugin
Sessions Plugin
Table Of Contents Plugin
Undefined Pages Plugin
Unused Pages Plugin
Vote Plugin
Weblog Archive Plugin
Weblog Entry Plugin
Weblog Plugin
Wiki Forms Plugin



[{TableOfContents numbered=true}]


[{ReferringPagesPlugin page='MyPage'}]

Contributed Plugins#

Lis of ContributedPlugins

Wiki Variables#

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