As JSPWiki is getting ready to graduate from the Apache incubator program, it may be the right time for a new logo. See JSPWiki Logo Samples 2012 for some suggestions.

Here are some sample logos for JSPWiki. Nothing fancy, just text with simple graphic effects. Feel free to add a contribution, and vote (once!) for the one you prefer.

jspwiki_logo.png jspwiki_logo_02.png jspwiki_logo_03.png jspwiki_logo_04.png N.O.T.A.
(None Of The Above)
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More Logo Samples: I am Tina Adams and i was asked by a developer to create a 'powered by' logo for his JSPWiki. He requested that i post the ideas to this forum for possible general use to the community. Chose one complete page based on the main logo, no need to haggle about which individual banner as any of the banners can be used for that logo. Over the next few days, i will cut these 2 logo sets individually to pngs and make them available on my profile. I donate these to the JSPWiki community. NOTE: these are presented larger for review than they will be cut for side navigation. -T



Usage Example#

Here is an example(info) of how you might use a logo. This sample places the logo at the top of the LeftMenu, as a hyperlink to the Main page. Revise LeftMenu.jsp as shown in the attachment.

With the above, you can remove any reference to the home page you may have in the LeftMenu, and add a link to System to replace the original one that was at the top.


While I don't have anything as such against the styling of the logo samples, let me just state why I voted for N.O.T.A. Even though the software is called JSPWiki, and there are a couple of JSP files, JSPWiki is decidedly not JSP-centric, both functionally and in design. In fact, I suspect all developers agree that JSP's wouldn't be involved at all if a complete rewrite were done. I, personally, would much rather see an abstract logo, or a text logo without JSP. Something like this.. (This particular one is a quick practice in gimpification, so it lacks originality, doesn't quite capture the go-stony appearance it should.. and the sharp W lines are too nervous with the nice, round framing. Blah.;)

jspwiki_logo_05.png jspwiki_logo_05s.png jspwiki_logo_06.png jspwiki_logo_06s.png jspwiki_logo_07.png jspwiki_logo_07s.png jspwiki_logo_07stest.png jspwiki_logo_07b.png jspwiki_logo_07c.png


100% Agree --guido (user)

Yup, personally I think that's the best so far. Perhaps if the logo looked a bit more like "W", i.e. the center "wedge" were a bit shorter... -- JanneJalkanen

OK, I much like jspwiki_logo_07s.png. I think that should be our new logo =). --JanneJalkanen

Isn't it a bit too much like zopewiki, or did they copy you? AndrewCates

I now added it to the top left - it even uses the other 'W' image to produce a pushed-button effect (though the other image is not perfect, we would need another with a bit more recessed look, which would be exactly the same size as the shadowed image. --JanneJalkanen

It looks a great lot like the favico. --AlainRavet

Just as an aside on IE 6.0 the logo is in a big black square, I assume IE 6.0 isn't handling PNG transparency very well (at all). Oddly enough 5s looks fine, but 7s is big black square for background, hmmm. I assume they are supposed to look the same 7 just with a shorter 'V' in the center. --JohnVolkar

Does "JSP" belong in the engine name? Ebu's arguments would seem to apply equally well to the name. Other name ideas for the engine: "Pluggable Wiki Engine", "Janne's Open Wiki Engine", "Wikava", "Jawiki", ... --Daggerbox

or Wiji, WiJi, or WijiWiki where J is for Java, JSP, or Janne or whatever. -- SteveT

I don't like that the 7s logo has faint stripes across it which make me thinks it's woodgrain, which doesn't fit in with the rest of the page. I like the abstract idea, though. Here are a couple commercial W's that may offer inspiration. One is the logo for Weiring Software, which can't be inlined because it is a gif. Another is the old AppleWorks logo,

; a W formed by overlaid pens and pencils would be appropriate for a Wiki.

Here's a logo rendered with a pinhole camera during a solar eclipse.


I rather like jspwiki_logo.png but I think that the letters 'JSP' should be a tiny bit darker so that they're easier to read.


jspwiki_logo_pvb.png What about this one ?


I have been meaning to clean up and post the following samples for ages. They still need to be refined, if they are of interest.

jsp_01.png jsp_01_sm.png jsp_02.png jsp_02_sm.png I should explain this squiggle. ebu suggested an abstract graphic. I came across the ideogram for "crisis", of which this graphic is the first character. I believe that it also signifies "opportunity".

-- PaulDownes

Hi, PaulDownes. These are two Chinese characters which makes a word meaning "crisis". Only one single character of them has no specific meaning.

-- LiuXiaoGang from China

Hum. I don't especially want JSPWiki logo to say "crisis". It may be a personal crisis to me, but for marketing purposes it does not sound too good :-).

-- JanneJalkanen

Well, I was thinking of the "opportunity" connotation . . .

Below is an abstract symbol that I think would make an excellent logo. It is on the cover of a book (A Pattern Language for Web Usability, by Ian Graham) so I don't know if it there are concerns about "propriety".

-- PaulDownes


Hi, PaulDownes. This Chinese character is just a guy's sirname.It seems you are intrested in the Chinese Language:-)

In fact, someone have Tranlated wiki into Chinese as '维基' according to the pronunciation. But I don't like it:P -- LiuXiaoGang from China

Why would the Edit functionality be left completely open like this?????

Because anyone can come and restore any damage anyone else has done. See WikiWikiWeb:WhyWikiWorks.

Hi everybody, here's another contribution for the logo discussion.

JSPWikiLogoSamples/jspwiki_logo_by_kath.jpg JSPWikiLogoSamples/jspwiki_logo_by_kath2.jpg

-- Daniel Katheininger

Muito legal! jspwiki_logo.pngTeste Sintac
Hi! I was trying to combine three ideas: "Java at the bottom, JSP is not essential but works well for us, while wiki is what excites our senses." Here is what came out. I am not sure about similarity to Sun's cup: please, collaborate on whether it was a bad idea, or the way it is done it's ok?

JSPWikiLogoSamples/jspwiki_cup_logo1.png JSPWikiLogoSamples/jspwiki_cup_logo2.png

-- AlexPakka

The new 2.3 template really looks nice. What about giving the JSPWiki logo a new look as well?. A frindly face that tells people "JSPWiki is your friend". We have designed a new logo using the image of Jannes parents dog "Viki".


All source files can be found at my page: TimWieschadlo (big PNG and SVG versions available)

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