There's a JSPWiki mailing list for discussion that is occurring off this wiki. It is very good for discussing things like patches, problems, development, etc.

I was initially against the creation of such a mailing list, since I thought we should be Eating Our Own Dogfood, but lately I started getting so much email, that I've changed my mind about the jspwiki mailing list. Some people just seem to be much more comfortable with email, and don't want to put their comments on the wiki. Social pressure rulez =)

There are currently two email list, jspwiki-users and jspwiki-dev.


The jspwiki-user mailing list is hosted at Apache. You can join it by sending an email to The list archives are at

The old list archives are also available. There's also a secondary archive on Nabble.


This is the list for JSPWiki developers. Do not join if you fear geek-talk. The jspwiki-dev list is hosted at Apache, so you join by sending an email to The list archives are at


If you subscribe to this list you will get emailed when (a committer) commits new or changed files to the SVN repository. The jspwiki-commits list is hosted at Apache, join it by sending an email to The list archives are at

The old JSPWiki-dev archives are also available, if you want to peruse some interesting issues.


Unsubscribing is equally easy: you can just send an email to jspwiki-<user|dev|commits> from the same email address that you originally subscribed from.

Other resources#


The mailing list seems to be available at Gmane. (I like mailing lists ;-)

-- ChristianGeisert, 13-May-2004

Please note that the subscription list was wiped out on 16.3.2005 due to a faulty backup. Please resubscribe, if you still want to be a part of the JSPWiki experience...

-- JanneJalkanen, 28-Mar-2005

And how exactly do we subscribe to the mailing list? The links above don't seem to work anymore.

-- TimODonnell, 30-Mar-2005

Oops, fixed the link :-)

-- JanneJalkanen, 30-Mar-2005

I just sent mail to the gmane admins to have the list revived; we'll see how that works.

-- HolgerHoffstätte, 18-Jun-2005

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