You can find a compiled RCS package for windows from http://ftp.cvshome.org/release/binary/rcs/rcs57nt.zip

Removed plenty of stuff relating to older JSPWiki versions. --JanneJalkanen

I hope this will help... its just a link don't know if they work http://www.files.lt/index.php?FileExtn=zip&PageId=14

I just don't know how to use it

HI,who can tell me how to control the Wiki myself.I had installed a JSPWiki in my computer.I ran it but I could not find the administrate entry.that is to say i can not delete any records.. best regards.

first question:

I have the same situation here, at the install.jsp page, I did not write down the password for the admin, then I can not log in as the administrator. What should I do to get back the password?

first answer: the file WEB-INF\userdatabase.xml contains the passwords for the users (by default) and the password is SHA-1 -hashed. So you can create a SHA-1 print of your password and copy it there and you can log in.

second question:

If I want to do some development with these good stuff, how can I load these into my Eclipse?

best wishes, thanks a lot!

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