A JSPWiki plugin is a tool that can automate actions on wiki pages. The well known PageIndex or RecentChanges pages contain little more than a plugin!
The long formal form to insert a plugin in a wiki page is:
At line 5 removed 28 lines
__{{[[{INSERT <plugin class> WHERE <param1=value1>,<param2=value2>,...}]}}__
If a parameter contains spaces, you can use single quotes (') around the parameter.
__INSERT__ and __WHERE__ are optional and can be omitted.
JSPWiki lets you create your own plugins. These are just simply Java classes that implement the {{''com.ecyrd.jspwiki.plugin.~WikiPlugin''}} interface and can be found from somewhere in your class path. The plugins work so that when you reference a plugin on a wiki page, the plugin is invoked and its output is inserted verbatim into the page.
* [Installing a plugin|InstallingPlugins]
!![JSPWiki Core Plugins|JSPWikiCorePlugins]
Some of JSPWiki's features are implemented as plugins. These [JSPWiki Core Plugins|JSPWikiCorePlugins] are available in all out-of-the-box installations.
!![Contributed Plugins|ContributedPlugins]
Anyone can develop a test plugin, and some folks have been kind enough to list them here and provide either source-code or ready to use .class or .jar's. These [Contributed Plugins] require that you install them on your own wiki.
!![Concept Plugins|Concept Plugin]
Some ideas for plugins that __could__ be developed. If one catches your attention take ownership of it and develop it into something that can be contributed. Or if you have an idea for a plugin that you'd like to see get developed document it here and maybe some kind soul will develop it for you.
!![Contributed Form Handlers]
WikiForm handlers are in fact plugins, but are intended to work closely with the WikiForms feature of JSPWiki.
[Category Documentation]
See also [WikiVariables]