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Please note that the community is a kind of password to access the service SNMP. I.e. it is desirable to limit the number of persons having access to the pages. Besides information about servers should be limited in terms of security.
This plugin based on framework snmp6_0.jar(info) provided Westhawk

This plugin intended for convenient display SNMP values from nodes. With this plugin, you can also build Diagram and timetables for some server values.


  • host - host address from one us get SNMP statistics (by default
  • port - UDP port on host, who listens to SNMP daemon (by default 161)
  • comm - SNMP community (by default public)
  • oid - OID information to collect (default . The attention we get from this node only 'value' (not subtree and so on)!
  • nonvalue - value returned if not have return value (by default - service not available).


  1. copy files snmpplugin.jar(info) and snmp6_0.jar(info) to directory WEB-INF/lib
  2. append org.itx.jspwiki.plugin.snmp into file WEB-INF/jspwiki.properties in parameter jspwiki.plugin.searchPath
  3. restart JSPWiki


[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='' nonvalue='server is down!!!'}]


On the screenshot shows the use of SNMPplugin conjunction with the JSPWiki: ImageGenJFreeChart for dynamic load servers charts.
[{ BarChartPlugin title='Servers load (LoadAverage 1min)' threed=true imap=true

:Servers|String, Load
office-hq1,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
office-hq2,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
office-hq3,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
r-hq1,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
r-hq2,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
r-hq3,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
r-hq4,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
r-hq5,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
r-hq6,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]
r-gw1,[{SnmpStatus host='' oid='.' nonvalue='0'}]




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