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!Community Wikis
* Two 'community' sites that have been successful in getting Broadband ADSL in rural parts of Britain, both hosted by [Oneeyedmen] - [BroadbandAlton|http://www.smartinformation.cn/] & [BroadbandMedstead|http://www.broadbandmedstead.co.uk] (English)
* [SmartInfo|http://www.smartinformation.cn/] - question and answer site, [ask any question|http://www.askvox.com/] (English)
* [myWMS Wiki|http://wiki.mywms.org/], dedicated to develop new ideas in the [myWMS project|http://www.mywms.org/] and to support the [myWMS community|http://www.mywms.org/] (English)
* [SuomiGo - a Finnish Go Wiki|http://www.suomigo.net/] (Finnish)
* [securitymetrics.org|http://www.securitymetrics.org] - dedicated to security measurement and quantification (English)
* [Chilepedia|http://www.chilepedia.cl] - A free and open encyclopedia of Chile. Similar in nature to Wikipedia (Spanish)
* [Extreme Thinking Lab|http://www.xthinking.net] - a Chinese wiki site where there are many JSPWiki documents (Chinese)
* [amateure|http://www.deutsche-amateurgirls.com]
* [CodeBeamer.com|http://codebeamer.com] - Codebeamer from [Intland|http://www.intland.com] is a collaborative software development platform which uses JSPWiki modules. It has full WYSIWYG editing features for JSPWiki markup. It extends Wiki with enterprise features for commercial purposes. [Documentation inclusive credit to the JSPWiki community| https://codebeamer.com/cb/proj/wiki/displayPage.do?doc_id=11104], [Download the free codebeamer edition |http://www.intland.com] 
* [GFX-Sector|http://www.gfx-sector.de] - A graphics community using JSP Wiki
* [NetBeans Wiki|http://wiki.netbeans.org] - Collaboration space for [NetBeans|http://www.netbeans.com] users and developers.
* [NetBeans.JP betaWorks|http://betaworks.netbeans.jp] - a site for Developers to collobrate on New Technologies, such as AJAX and server-side JavaScript. Created by the [NetBeans Japan|http://www.netbeans.jp] Community. (Japanese)
* [GlassFish Community|http://GlassFishWiki.ORG] - Community Wiki for Project GlassFish
*[WiktWiki|http://www.javalia.se/wiktwiki/Wiki.jsp] dedicated to the knowledge of how to keep your weight (Swedish)
* [WikiCreole|http://www.wikicreole.org] site to create a common wiki markup called 'creole'
* [OpenDS Documentation Wiki|https://www.opends.org/wiki//page/Main] - Community wiki for documentation of the [OpenDS|https://opends.dev.java.net/] project
* [LUG Krefeld|http://www.lug-kr.de] Linux User Group in Krefeld, Germany
* [qmpeople|http://www.qmpeople.com/] - Social network using JSP Wiki for project management purposes
* [Groovy- and Grails-Wiki|http://www.groovy-forum.de/wiki/] - German Groovy and Grails developer community

!Project Wikis

* [JavaForge.com|http://Javaforge.com] -- an Open Source development platform powered by [CodeBeamer|http://www.intland.com] which uses JSPWiki. There are 800+ projects (Wiki spaces) and 6000+ users on the system. [Documentation|https://codebeamer.com/cb/proj/wiki/displayPage.do?doc_id=11104],[Download CodeBeamer|http://www.intland.com].
* [MathEL-Wiki|http://km-works.eu/mathel-wiki/] -- A slightly customized version of JSPWiki 2.8.3 that has been enabled for [MathML|http://www.w3.org/Math/] presentation mathematics. It  now also supports ~[La]~TeX input through the integrated JavaScript-based [MathJax|http://www.mathjax.org] display engine.
* [Mathurvaishya Samaj|http://mvsamaj.com] (Hindi) -- [Hans Bakker]
* [Open Travel System|http://opentravelsystem.org] (English) -- [Hans Bakker]
* [Rapla Wiki (german)|http://rapla.homelinux.org/] (German and English) -- Christopher Kohlhaas
* [ztemplates.org|http://www.ztemplates.org] the ztemplates web framework project


* [CrushFTP|http://www.crushftp.com/crush5wiki/] uses JSPWiki to provide documentation for [CrushFTP|http://www.crushftp.com/].
* [IBM|http://www.ibm.com] uses an modified version of JSPWiki called IBMJSPWiki for several internal Wiki's (IBMers: check out [WikiCentral|http://blogs.webahead.ibm.com/pilot/wiki/]).
* [BaseN|http://www.basen.net/] uses JSPWiki for its web site, intranet documentation, and client interfaces. We have, at last count, 36 JSPWiki instances running. --[ebu]
* [SuperStoreSearch.com|http://www.superstoresearch.com] utilizes a moderated wiki to maintain a shopping related glossary of product technical terms and common shopping jargon, to help describe both popular and uncommon words that consumers may come across when shopping online.
* [Shopping.com|http://www.shopping.com] has two intranet JSPWiki's, and probably a few private ones. They are used by engineering to a great extent, to record certain client interactions, for project managemnet, as internal and personal documentation, and as a guide to the restaurants and other services in our area. I converted our Operations group's [FAQ-o-matic|http://faqomatic.sourceforge.net/fom-serve/cache/1.html] pages to go into the main Wiki, which now has over 1400 pages to date. --[MahlenMorris]
* [Endero|http://www.endero.com] is using JSPWiki as company intranet.
* [Aformatik OpenSourceWiki|http://www.aformatik.de/OpenSourceWiki/Wiki.jsp] This is our community plattform for all the open source projects we are working on. Our intranet wiki is not jspwiki, we would like to switch, but we have too much content. --[SebastianPetzelberger]
* [Belgium Poison Centre|http://www.poisoncentre.be] is using JSPWiki for its "SAQ" (Sometime Asked Questions), a knowledge sharing application between MDs.
* [Harmonic Communications|http://www.harmonic.net] has an intranet JSPWiki for the Engineering group.--[MahlenMorris]
* [Integral|http://www.go-integral.com] - we have an internal wiki for our team and liked it so much we used it to create our new website! We are considering offering simple content managed sites to some clients via a Wiki interface. -- [Shawkins]
** ''Whoa! Nice! I had no idea JSPWiki could look so professional :-). --JanneJalkanen''
** ''Yes, it looks quite nice, but it doesn't fit on my screen. You might consider touching it up a tad for people (like me) who have to use dinky Dell laptops with a 14" display. It seems to be the images at the top are pushing the search field/button off the screen for me. Still cool, though! --MichaelGentry''
* [Oliotalo - Objecthouse|http://www.oliotalo.fi] is using JSPWiki as company intranet.
* [Penson Financial Services Canada|http://www.penson.ca] uses JSPWiki for documentation and collaboration.
* They are not public but there are four companies that I've worked with that are running JSPWiki as an intranet tool -- [FosterSchucker]
* [Leaders Consulting|http://www.leaders.it] uses JSPWiki in our Intranet for our documentation.
* [GDMcom|http://www.gdmcom.de/] uses JSPWiki for intranet and customer documentation, and also for support issues. -- [SteffenStundzig]
* [Leaders Consulting|http://www.leaders.it] uses JSPWiki in our Intranet for our documentation.
* The Dutch [Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Watermanagement|http://www.rijkswaterstaat.nl] uses JSPWiki in an Intranet for documentation and collaboration purposes in projects concerning Geo-ICT. -- [WimDeHaas].
* [Fifth Third Bank|http://www.fifththirdbank.com] uses JSPWiki for technical documentation. There are a number of JSPWiki instances running including one on the [IBM's Flag Ship OS|http://www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/zseries/zos/]. -- [Rob Schramm]
* [DefinityHealth|http://www.definityhealth.com] uses JSPWikis for its development intranets of project documentation - thanks a million -- [Drew Cox]
* [staroste & partner|http://www.staroste-partner.eu] -- financial services in germany
* [Informatikbüro Hormanns & Wenz|http://www.hormanns-wenz.de] -- ~OpenSource IT Service in Krefeld, Germany

!Information, educational, FAQ-wikis
* [Austria-Lexikon|http://www.austria-lexikon.at], [Austria-Forum|http://www.austria-lexikon.at] Wikibased encyclopaedia system, with nearly ~100.000 information items about [Austria|http://www.austria-lexikon.at/af/AEIOU/%C3%96sterreich%2C_Republik].
* [Oxford University SPIE Project | http://spie.oucs.ox.ac.uk]
* [Central Budapest|http://www.centralbudapest.com/wiki/] Central Budapest and Hungary cultural, social, political and historical information and notes
* [Bradley University ETE 653 - Instructional Strategies & Design Course | http://helpingstudents.org/JSPWiki/Wiki.jsp?page=BradleyUniversityETE653]
* [GRAV|http://www.grav.unb.br] - Grupo de Robótica, Automação e Visão Computacional
* [Sfnet.harrastus.valokuvaus FAQ|http://killeri.net/shvfaq/]
* [WebLabs]: Educational research.
* [javascript-channel.com|http://javascript-channel.com]A wiki for Undernet's #javascript IRC channel.
* [Java Certification |http://www.inesystems.com/]
* [Java Exam|http://www.whizlabs.com]
* [i3G Institut Hochschule Heilbronn|http://www.i3g.hs-heilbronn.de] Moved official Homepage from CMS to JSPWiki...
* [Vicarious Learning|http://www.vicariouslearning.com/wiki/] Vicarious Learning, Observational Learning, Tacit Learning and related knowledge domains and technologies
* [Pretty-Good-eBooks.com|http://www.pretty-good-ebooks.com] An Educational Site meant to inform people about all aspects of electronic books.

!Non-Profit Organisations
* [Bradford and Halifax Unitarians|http://bhu.org.uk/bhu/wiki/Main] website uses JSPWiki configured so that various community users can edit the site (i.e. not public access). JSPWiki makes a good CMS for non tech savvy communities with simple requirements.
* Comunidade FireBird.Br no Brasil [http://www.firebird.com.br/wiki/]
* Swing dance association [Swingkatten|http://www.swingkatten.org] runs JSPWiki for its internal administrative information.
* The danish chess club [Caissa|http://www.caissa.dk] runs a danish only JSPWiki, its not public though, and its in danish. (Its a special chess club to promote chess initiative, but I dunno what that is called in english).
* [Helping Students Education Corp 501(c)(3)Teacher Wikis |http://www.helpingstudents.org/JSPWiki] is dedicated to sharing student and teacher resources. Requires login to edit pages due to targeted viewer audience. 
* [Living Voices|http://www.living-voices.de] Gospel Choir from Krefeld, Germany
!Personal Wikis
* [The Butt Ugly Weblog|http://www.ecyrd.com/ButtUgly/] - [Janne Jalkanen]'s personal Weblog.
* [U.S. Cub Scout Pack #322 Gilbert Az | http://www.mycubscouts.us/az322/ ] thanks Janne!
* [CluonFluxWiki]
* [JSPWikiSites/Belgium Poison Centre.png] - Chess club to promote chess initiative!
* [Code Teacher|http://www.codeteacher.com] - Programming tutorials
* [Derek's Wiki|http://www.derekmahar.ca/wiki]
* [Oneeyedmen]
* [Schucker.org|http://www.schucker.org/Wiki.jsp?page=Main] the electronic dumping ground for [FosterSchucker] A good example of
* [Family Wiki of Heikinjoukko|http://heikinjoukko.hopto.org]
* [Wiki@Defner.org|http://www.defner.org/JSPWiki/] ''in Finnish''
* [xfer.info|http://www.xfer.info/wiki/Wiki.jsp] - [xfer]'s personal wiki and weblog.
* [Aiko's WikiBlog| https://www.aiko.sh/wiki/] -[Aiko Mastboom]'s personal Website/log.
* [Mosquito Cyberrift | http://mosquito.homeip.net/] (actually has 4 separate instances running for access control)
* [Sproaticus Wiki|http://sproatic.us/wiki/] - [JeremySproat]'s blog / bookmark wiki
* [Jan Wessely's Wiki|http://wiki.jawe.net/] - [Jawe]'s ~JavaXMLMusicOnlineGameFunWiki
* [Smotherman Family Wiki|http://www.Smotherman.org] - [TwinFeats] customized JSPWiki using fast java object DB
* [Giant Japanese Robot|http://www.giantjapaneserobot.com] - Customized JSPWiki blog about pop culture, technology and robots!
* [Dirty Harry's personal website|http://www.computerhok.nl/JSPWiki]

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