From v2.6.x onwards, JSPWiki supports skins.

Skins are modifications of the look & feel of your wiki.
Each template may have one or many skins available, and these are chosen by the user via the [UserPreferences]. 
These skins are based on [CSS] stylesheets, and do not require any change to the template jsp pages. 
Some templates might not support any skins at all.

See also [ContributedSkins], [Wanted Skins] and [Skins Discussion]
! ~PlainVanilla, ~PlainVanilla 1024x768
Barely naked skin, with soft grey, blue and transparent-black colors.
Icons are based on [http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/]. 

[{Image src='JSPWikiSkinDesign/skin-plainvanilla.gif' width='99%' }]
Yellowish/orange skin with icons based on [http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/].

[{Image src='JSPWikiSkinDesign/skin-smart.gif' width='99%' }]
!Ordered List
Skin with dark background and based on different shades of dark grey, inspired by [http://orderedlist.com/].

[{Image src='JSPWikiSkinDesign/skin-orderedlist.gif' width='99%' }]
!! How it works

The [UserPreferences] screen allows you to select a preferred skin. The skin stylesheets are stored in the jspwiki template directory.  
You can develop your own skins and add them as sub-folder in the {{/skins}} directory.
        /<skin-name>  <=== e.g. PlainVanilla, Smart, ...
          skin.css    <=== your skin stylesheet

When the page loads, first the default jspwiki.css is being loaded, and then the skin.css is read. The skin stylesheeds can overwrite or undo the css definitions of the standard jspwiki.css.  JSPWiki's default template has been written such that most look & feel aspects (such as colors, borders, fonts, icons, etc.) can be modified through the [CSS] stylesheet.

Some tips for skin writers:
* align the structure of the skin.css with the jspwiki.css for easy referencing  (a template skin.css is available)
* you can change the look & feel of the pages by modifying fonts, colors, backgrounds, borders, icons, logo, etc...
* you many need to ''undo'' certain styles of the default jspwiki.css  
* put skin specific images in the {{/images}} subfolder of your skin
* leave ''structural'' css as much as possible unchanged, unless you know what you are doing  (avoid to change styles like position, float, margin, padding, display)

See [JSPWiki Stylesheet Design] for more info on the design of the stylesheet of the default template.

Is there a handy way of setting the default skin to, say, OrderedList?

;:Look in the file etc/ini/default_jspwiki.properties inside the .jar. You will find following section:
# Set the name of the skin.
# Default value is PlainVanilla
jspwiki.defaultprefs.template.skinname =PlainVanilla