A JSPWiki tags is a method that can be used in JSP pages (which may be modified by administrators or web designers, but not by content editors. ''JSPWiki tags can not be used on Wiki pages!''

Most of the JSPWiki tags work in the context of the "current page".  In most cases, this "current page" is affected by both the page name, and the version.  For example, if you are doing a version iteration using [HistoryIteratorTag], then the [AuthorTag] always refers to the author of that particular version.


Here is a list of all the tags that the site administrator can use when he is building his own [WikiTemplate]. See also [ContributedJSPWikiTags].

;[AttachmentsIteratorTag]:Iterates through the attachments of the current page.
;[AuthorTag]:Inserts the name of the last author of the current page.
;[BreadcrumbsTag]:Insert a "trace" of the user's most recently visited pages on the Wiki.
;[CalendarTag]:Insert a simple calendar in a template.
;[CheckLockTag]:Checks the existence of a page lock.
;[CheckRequestContextTag]:Check which JSP page originally got the request.
;[CheckVersionTag]:Does a version check on the page. 
;[ContentTag]:"Super include" tag, which can include the proper context.
;[ContentEncodingTag]:Inserts the encoding as set in jspwiki.properties.
;[DiffLinkTag]:Creates a link to a diff of a WikiPage.
;[EditLinkTag]:Creates an edit link to a [WikiPage].
;[HasAttachmentsTag]:Includes the body of the tag, if this page has any attachments.
;[HistoryIteratorTag]:Iterates through the change history of the page.
;[IncludeTag]:Includes another JSP page, making sure all of the contexts are handled propely.
;[InsertDiffTag]:Inserts a diff between two pages. 
;[InsertPageTag]:Inserts formatted or unformatted page contents.
;[LinkTag]:Inserts a link to a resource.
;[LinkToParentTag]:Creates a link to the parent of a WikiPage.
;[LinkToTag]:Creates a link to a [WikiPage].
;[NoSuchPageTag]:Includes the body if the page does not exist.
;[PageDateTag]:Inserts the date of the last modification of the requested page.
;[PageExistsTag]:Includes the body if the page exists.
;[PageInfoLinkTag]:Creates an page info link to a [WikiPage].
;[PageNameTag]:Inserts the name of the current page. 
;[PageSizeTag]:Returns the size of the current page. 
;[PageTypeTag]:Includes its contents if the page type matches.
;[PageVersionTag]:Writes the version of the current page.
;[ParentPageNameTag]:Inserts the name of the parent of the page.
;[PermissionTag]:Checks for permissions and includes the body if the user has the correct permissions for the given operation.
;[PluginTag]:Allows you to insert any of the [JSPWikiPlugins] directly into the template.
;[RSSCoffeeCupLinkTag]:Creates a direct image link to the RSS Coffee Cup and the RSS feed. 
;[RSSImageLinkTag]:Creates a direct link to the RSS image, and the RSS feed.
;[RSSLinkTag]:Inserts an RSS autodiscovery link. 
;[SearchResultIteratorTag]:Iterates over a set of search results, with the top scoring result on top.
;[TranslateTag]:Takes its body and translates it into HTML as if it were [WikiMarkup].
;[UploadLinkTag]:Creates a link to the upload page. 
;[UserCheckTag]:Includes its body, if the user check validates.
;[UserNameTag]:Returns the current user name.
;[VariableTag]:Inserts any of the [WikiVariables].


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