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Editing the menu on the left hand side#

The menu on the left hand side (over there <-----) is just a standard Wiki page, called LeftMenu.

If you (the administrator) don't want anyone else to modify it, you can always edit LeftMenu, then make the page read-only on the hard drive itself ;-).

The lower part of the left hand side is similarly called LeftMenuFooter, and it is fully editable as well.

Editing pages directly#

By setting up an InterWiki link called "Edit" in you can make direct edit links. For example, this link here (assuming you're using the default configuration from the JSPWiki archive), will take you to the edit mode of this page: Edit:JSPWikiTips.

The magical incantation in the file is:

jspwiki.interWikiRef.Edit = Edit.jsp?page=%s

Possible Bug or undocumented feature: I accidentally typed:

[Edit this menu|Edit:LeftMenu]

And lo and behold it worked! Note there is not interWikiRef entry in my props file, nor does the above fragment have the requisite number of ['s either. Does this work on 35? Edit this menu Hmmm.

How do I enable the RSS feed?#

In your file, you'll need to set the "jspwiki.rss.generate" to "true", and also set the "jspwiki.baseURL" to point at your Wiki. Otherwise the RSS generator can't figure out how its links should go... :-)

I don't like ThingsSquashedTogether in the page titles. What can I do?#

As Finns say, "voe tokkiinsa", meaning "yes, of course". Just set the "jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces" property to "true" in your

Beware of whitespace in

Properties with extra whitespace at the end of the line may produce mysterious errors that are difficult to trace. For example, a file or directory name with an extra space at the end may break things, and the only warning you get is something like this in the logs: /foo/bar/xyzzy  does not exist.
We do make an attempt to place variables in quotes in log messages (which helps a bit) but keep an eye open for this possibility if you're experiencing oddities.

How do I Conveniently Convert a Microsoft Word Document into Wiki#

I found a VBA macro that did something close at I hacked it to format things the way JSPWiki likes it and put it on the Word2JSPWiki Macro page.

Another way is to install the CK Editor: you can then cut/paste a Word document within a JspWiki page, retaining many of its presentation attribute.

How do I reset a user's password for them? I'm an administrator on the server.#

  1. Make sure that you have a valid, working login yourself
  2. ssh or otherwise login to your server
  3. backup your WEB-INF/userdatabase.xml file
  4. edit your WEB-INF/userdatabase.xml file
  5. find the entry for your login
  6. copy the HEX string from password="{SHA}<hex-string-here>"
  7. replace the HEX string in the user's entry whom you wish to reset.
  8. login to the wiki as that user using YOUR password and change the password to something else
  9. tell the user the new password

I have a question you have not answered!#

Well, the easiest thing to do is go directly to the JSPWiki main site and ask your question there. Or you could also email me, but it's better for all if you go and publicly post your query. It does not hurt to take a peek at JSPWiki site anyway, since your question might already be answered there...

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