''This page is getting somewhat obsolete.  [RefactorMe], please.''

Things that are in upcoming versions in JSPWiki are:

* Authentication and access control, on a per-page-basis and usergroups.
** ''Pushed to 2.1 - I want 2.0 out of the door in 2002. :-)''
* Better plugin interface (shove the entire HttpServletRequest or at least the parameters to the plugin)
** ''Probably not needed - WikiContext can do quite a lot of this stuff already.''
* Better [PageProvider] interface to allow an arbitrary number of attributes/page.
** ''Probably not needed either.''

Things that should not change:

* [WikiMarkup] - no existing functionality should be changed - 2.0 must be downwards compatible.
** However, there will be the option of using plain [CamelCase] in addition to [bracketed hyperlinks].

BreadCrumbsIdea has also been implemented.


''Please discuss here.  Note that [BugReports] have their own page.''

!Use XML tranferring instead of css
Maybe use XSL transformations like the [stxx|http://www.oroad.com/opencode] for the skins instead of css. The Model View Control pattern can be very well implemented using xsl transformations where the output from the Wiki-kernel thing is an XML document. This is then transferred by a pattern matching XSLT file. These XSLT files could then be added by graphics experts instead of computer scientists.\\
The stxx framework is build on top of Struts and maybe the workload of implementing it is not worth the effort, but its worth a thought. 


Mm.  HTML+CSS is a well known, widely supported standard that is much easier to understand than XSL.  Regardless of the output of the WikiEngine, your end result needs to be in (X)HTML anyway, preferably with CSS layout.  So, XSL is not really alternative to CSS, but to the actual WikiEngine.

I think time is better used to make the WikiEngine output XHTML. This could then be easily be transformed using XSL or whatever.


What really is needed is an implementation of the ModelViewControl pattern to make it possible to change the skins. This can be easily implemented by the use of the JakartaStrutsFramework. This can even be done partly, so that not all of the pages uses the framework. I think, that this Wiki could use that framework to seperate the control from the view (remove the Java code from the JSP pages). As that is done it will be much easier to add different skins to the Wiki.


It is done already.  Take a look at the [1.9.x series|JSPWikiDownload] - very little Java code is in sight.  We're not using Struts, since I try to depend on as little external libraries as possible.

And no, I am not going to do a secondary rewrite of the whole thing :-).


Hi, I thought I would just offer some comments. IMHO the best approach would be to stick to standards such as XHTML and CSS. As long as the interface was composed using <div>, <span>, structured markup and  class attributes in a sensible way, changing skins could be as simple as changing stylesheets. A good stylesheet can make a site look great, be printer friendly and more accessible to people using special-purpose browsers. --[VictorRodriguez]

I would prefer XML > XSL > ( XML + CSS | XHTML + CSS | HTML.x + CSS.y | HTML.z | WAP... ). I see this the only solution to get different browser types and/or generations to work. On the other hand I see no simple way to convert xhtml + css > attic html (e. g. NS < 6), as old style html mixes content and format and this information is hard to regain from xhtml + css.

On the other hand JSP is not limited to (x)html, but is capable to create almost any text based format. With XML + CSS as native format for state-of-the-art browsers we only need reasonable simple XSL translations for older browsers.

(See also [JSPWikiBrowserCompatibility], [W3C MarkUp Validation Service|http://validator.w3.org], [WDG list of validators|http://htmlhelp.com/links/validators.htm].)

This may be done as a {{public interface javax.servlet.Filter}} implementation, which works well in all Servlet 2.3 compliant WEB containers and is able to decide on {{public interface javax.servlet.ServletRequest}} data basis.


From the 1.9.* version the wiki is a lot better designed and it is now possible to make a new template for the wiki.  To make such a template follow the instructions on the [MakeANewView] page. --[Mortena]

Back to [JSPWikiDevelopment].  See also [TODOList].  Note also that the version 2 of [WikiRPCInterface] is a separate matter.

What is ''really'' missing for me is the ability to subscribe for change notification:
i.e. Send me (an arbitrary number of email addresses, really) an email when a page I have
subscribed-to changes.  Not knowing enough about how this wiki is designed, perhaps it could be done with a plugin...


No, it's not missing - you're just not looking hard enough =). Please check out [NotificationList] and [EmailNotifierPlugin] for two different solutions.

-- JanneJalkanen

Thank you -- That NotificationList thing is ''very'' cool -- very much in keeping with original wiki zen...

-- MikeMorris

I would appreciate a fine grained change notification that is not constrained for Wiki pages and that is solely under my control - sometimes I do not want others to see which pages I am tracking. 

I'm quite confident with the free site tracking service [Trackengine|http://www.trackengine.com] that sends you email notification with changes highlighted. However this does not notify you when anybody sets a link to a tracked page or a conversation spans multiple pages. [Technorati|http://www.technorati.com/watchlists] uses "watchlists" to track these kind of changes - but as far as I know this service is not free.

-- [Pibach]


__You got a lot of good features here, however two of the three most important are missing; Searchable pages, and diff between versions of a page.

-- BrillPappin__

Um.  I thought we already had both :-)

-- JanneJalkanen


What about a __Ranking System__ which, for example, shows a page rank accourding to links and/or traffic?

-- [Pibach]

I'm working on (and have almost finished) a MostPopularPlugin as part of the CeryleWikiPlugins. This provides a list of pages sorted by the most popular based on number of hits. The plugin allows you to set the number of returned items, and optionally include the number of hits. Use of this plugin requires that the WikiPageEvent.PAGE_DELIVERED gets fired correctly, and as of CVS 2.5.28 this doesn't happen so it'll be a bit before this is functional in common distribution.

-- MurrayAltheim, 14 Mar 2007


Could someone point me to documentation for setting up short urls in my jspwiki 2.2.x system? I have been searching for while, but haven't been able to find the docs yet. Thanks. -- SriramGopalan

--Ric was here

Embedded Pictures instead of Attachments only would be great. 
Moreover a portal server version would be cool...


This is a nice tool

--AnonymousCoward, 04-May-2006


May be uploading images shound be easier....

--AnonymousCoward, 11-Aug-2006



I would to have Wiki in Multiple languages like English,German,french,chineese, japaneese etc. 

So how to do it or what is the link or where will i get it
--AnonymousCoward, 14-Mar-2007