This is more embedding Jabber on top of JSPWiki...

I wrote an servlet that uses Jive Software's open source Smack API to act as a subscriber to an instance of Jive Software's Jabber server, Jive Messenger.

Then, when anyone says anything in one of the monitored chatrooms, I update an appropriately named page.

I've also written a couple of JSPs that can be embedded within a JSPWiki so that guests can post to a pre-defined chatroom associated with that wiki (we have a "federation" of them all running jspwiki).

Works quite nicely.

Great stuff! Where I can I get a copy? :) -- KieronWilkinson
I'd love to see this. I'm behind a company firewall so cannot use IRC at all, this would be a nice way around that. Anyplace with a live running demo? --JohnV
Sounds really interesting - I would also like to see a demo? --JanneJalkanen

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