Jasper Samples#

BrettSutton: I've not been able to find a decent source of jasper sample code so I've decided to start one.

I've always felt that sample code should be a community effort and therefore it needs to be easily modified and from what I've seen so far of Wiki's they are just perfect.

So I've contributed the first sample which demonstrates sending a Jasper report as an email message.

If anyone adds future samples could you please follow the suggested layout which is:

  • Add a table of contents entry to this page.
  • The TOC entry should go to a page which provides a overview of the sample.
  • Create a TOC for the sample code where each line in the TOC should point to a single class file attached to the page.
  • If you feel inclined add the entire package as a zip file at the top of the TOC

The aim here is to make it easy for people to view the code online as well as enhancing it directly in the Wiki.

Table of Contents#

Email report as HTML and PDF 2004-12-14

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