Java WebStart is a nifty way of deploying applications. Basically,
it does what applets failed rather miserably at. You can write 
Swing-based applications and deploy them through any web server; 
your clients download the application once and cache it locally, 
requiring reloads only if the application has been updated. Security
is accounted for and consistent across platforms.  

! Developing WebStart applications

Take a look at []
for more information (requires registering yourself with Sun).

A WebStart application is essentially like any Swing app, with a couple
of extra touches:
* you package the app into a [WAR] file
* you create a [JNLP|] file to describe the application (this is what
  you link to from a web page, and what your MIME association maps to
  the WebStart client)
* if you need to do something potentially dangerous (e.g. disk access, 
  network access) in your client, you need to sign all relevant 
  JARs in the WAR

The WebStart [developer's guide|]
and [packaging guide|]
describe the process clearly enough. Once you've written your Ant build file
once, it's trivial.

!Installing the WebStart client

WebStart is bundled with Java 2 since 1.4, which
pretty much takes care of standard implementation.  It is also available as a separate download for Java 1.3. Many WebStart links
follow Sun's example and provide a link for Windows installation; if 
not, or if you're working with unixy clients, this should work:

* Download the latest [JDK|] or
* If you're running windowsy OS'es, you're probably done now and can
  check the [demo's|] out
* If not, unpack the downloaded zip file and run the script; it will prompt
  for an installation location. (As a conscientous power user you will, of
  course, create the installation target and run the script as a user that
  will not wreck your system in case of trojans, neh?)
* Sun's installation instructions claim it will create the mime mappings
  for netscape, which should work after a restart. Maybe so; try it. If
  you're using galeon, just try one of the demos above, and when asked
  for a MIME association, navigate to the installed webstart binary. 
  (Konqueror gave me a bit of a headache, but it shouldn't have; maybe it
  was a bug. If you try it, please enter instructions here.)

For more informations see the [|].

!Testing applications

First, have a look on the [UP2GO.NET|] where you may found lots of goods applications. For more, the google could do the job...