Instead of trying to use a full WYSIWYG editor, I think it'd already be good if we enhance the current editor(f.e. ScrypTik Javascript Editor, Antechinus JavaScript Editor or 1st JavaScript Editor) with some simple javascript.

Here's what I did:// I changed EditTemplate.jsp (or editcontent.jsp, depending on the template)

  • Add a link to a javascript file in the header
   <script src="wikiedit.js" type="text/javascript"></script> 
  • Give the form with the textarea the name EditForm (to better reference this in javascript)
  • Add buttons to do the various actions. eg.
  <input type="button" name="Bold" value="Bold" onClick="javascript:bold(document.editForm.text)" /> 

Create a file wikiedit.js

  function insertDate(textField){
	s =  textField.value ;     	
	sel= s.substring( textField.selectionStart, textField.selectionEnd );
	before= s.substring( 0, textField.selectionStart);
	after= s.substring( textField.selectionEnd );
	textField.value = before+ ' __'+sel+ '__ '+after;

I was thinking of buttons for:

  • Adding simple formatting like bold, italic, H1
  • Insert date and time values / UserName
  • Create tables!


I'd like to see this working. Not so much for editing basics like bold, italics, etc. But for more typing intensive stuff I could see the buttons being useful. If they were user customizable "macro" like buttons that'd be ideal I think. How about "Sign" or "Signature" to automatically put -- Your Name, Month Day Year --JohnV, Jan-20 2005 <grin/>

JSPWiki 2.5.x has FCK Editor integration, currently worked on by David Au!

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Mar-2007

Actually, the BrushedTemplate currently has these 'JavaScript buttons' (not shown in the screenshots). Another template that also has these buttons is the SmallpieceTemplate2. I could also see it being useful for some if the plain-text editor for the default template had maybe a subset of these buttons -- unless that would make it problematic or would be considered 'overextending' the plain-text editor. But then again, the new link suggestion feature utilizes AJAX, so it's not just a plain textarea anymore.

--David Au, 13-Mar-2007

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