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Jerry spends the remains of his sad, wretched life among the shards of former lives and loves, ekeing out a bare living on the hardscrabble digital plain. He copes with the meaningless torture of his pale existence by cultivating a short-term view of almost everything. While this approach makes every day a new adventure, it does require patience of his associates, who find they constantly have to remind him of their names, the nature of the current project, and where he left his keys.

J2EE application architect/designer/developer/team lead, American Airlines customer-facing systems.

AA customer technology use JSPWiki for our internal developer's wiki, where most of the system documentation for [AA.com|http://www.aa.com], the airport self service machine system, and our integrated voice response system resides.

IM: Y! -- JerryDAndrews
\\   AIM -- ozyma