Jira plugin(s)#

Jira is an issue tracker and this plugin displays information from a Jira instance.
It actually consists of two separate plugins, JiraRPC and JiraXML.

Jira RPC plugin#

This plugin uses the RPC interface of Jira.
It can display the following information:
  • a list of all the projects.
  • a list of issues defined by a Jira filter.
  • a particular issue.


[{jiraPlugin data='' param=''}]
or use the full syntax when your searchPath was not modified (see [How to install])
[{brushed.jspwiki.jiraplugin.JiraPlugin data='' param=''}]

Plugin parameters :#

to display a list of all projects:

Parameter Value Info
data projects
param none no parameters

to display a certain issue:

Parameter Value Info
data issue
param issueKey Jira id of the issue

to display a list of issues by filter:

Parameter Value Info
data issue-filter
param filterId number retrieved from the Address bar in Jira


   [{jiraPlugin data='projects'}]
   [{jiraPlugin data='issue' param='JIRA-2'}]
   [{jiraPlugin data='issue-filter' param='10003'}]

The output in all cases is a Wikitable.

JiraXML plugin#

This plugin uses the XML(RSS) output of Jira to display a list of issues.


[{JiraPluginXML <list of parameters>}]

Plugin parameters, all parameters are optional:#

Parameter Value Info
pid ProjectID is a number you have to find in Jira itself, e.g. 10010
type Issue type bug, new feature, task, improvement, clarification
status Issue status open, in progress, reopened, resolved, closed
prio Issue Priority blocker, critical, major, minor, trivial
max Maximum issues returned default = 20

Installation Instructions [how to install]#

  • Both jars include a properties file that you have to adjust to your needs. For the RPC plugin following fields are available:
    • JIRA_URI = the base URL of your Jira instance, e.g.http://localhost:8080/jira/
    • RPC_PATH = /rpc/xmlrpc, normally you can leave this as it is, unless you have changed this in your Jira instance.
    • USER_NAME = a username that is registered in Jira and has access to the required information.
    • PASSWORD = the password for this user.
For the XML plugin following fields are available:
    • JIRA_URI = the base URL of your Jira instance, e.g.http://localhost:8080/jira/
    • ISSUE_NAVIGATOR_PATH = secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?view=rss&&sorter/field=datecreated &sorter/order=DESC&reset=true&decorator=none : some default fields that are part of the URL, you can change this if you want, for example the sorting field.
    • TEMPMAX_DEFAULT = the maximum amount of issues you want to display, the default = 20
    • USER_NAME = a username that is registered in Jira and has access to the required information.
    • PASSWORD = the password for this user.
You can omit the username and password for the XML plugin, but that depends on your Jira security settings.
  • Copy JiraPlugin.jar and /or JiraXML.jar to the folder /WEB-INF/lib/
  • Modify the plugin searchPath in your WEB-INF/jspwiki.properties: jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = brushed.jspwiki.jiraplugin,brushed.jspwiki.jirapluginXML
  • The RPC plugin requires xmlrpc.jar from the Apache foundation, you can find it at here.
  • The XML plugin requires informa.jar that you can find here.
  • Add these jars also to /WEB-INF/lib/.
  • Optionally, both plugins also display an icon for the status and the priority of the issues. You have to copy them from your Jira instance to the JSPWiki /images directory (priority_*.gif, status_*.gif).
  • RPC must be enabled in Jira!
  • Restart JSPWiki.

In the attachments you can find the packages in zip or tar format, they contain both the source and the binaries. --MP

Thanks for the plugin! To get it to work with Jira 3.6.5 and JSPWiki 2.4.88, I had to change the source to ignore exception from the Logout method. There's something about (returned?) nulls the the XML RPC didn't like.

I also renamed the issue data to issue-table, and added a "field" parameter to use with issue so that that option just shows the contents of one field of the issue.

I had to use the xmlrpc-2.0.jar file that you provided rather than the default xmlrpc.jar file with tomcat 5.0.28

I couldn't get the plugin to find its properties file, so I rebuilt the jar file with my configured properties file and the other changes.


--Matt Doar, 31-Jan-2007

Matt Would it be possible I have those modifications done by you. For me happens the following error when saving the page with [{JiraPluginXML}]: JSPWiki has detected an error Error Message com/ecyrd/jspwiki/plugin/WikiPlugin Exception java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Place where detected native methodjava.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(), line -2

I use Jira 3.12.2 and JSPWiki 2.6.2.

Thank you.

~Marcus Rosa Pereira|mailto:marcus.rp@gmail.com ---

I made the modifications so that these plugin can work with the JSPWiki 2.6.2. How could I turn it available for all?

Thank you.

~Marcus Rosa Pereira|mailto:marcus.rp@gmail.com

Marcus: I guess you can simply publish it on this page!

--FlorianHoleczek, 18-Apr-2008


Ok. Done at JiraPluginXML-src-nodeps.tar.gz(info). Thanks.

Hi guys, I need RPC plugin. I've followed installation instructions strictly, but keep getting "Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin jiraPlugin". I use JspWiki 2.6.3 and Jira 3.12.3. Does somebody know how to get this running?

Hi Guys, I have been trying to integrate this plugin with JIRA but as soon as I try to insert jiraPlugin I get this error : "Plugin insertion failed: Error logout JIRA: Unexpected exception in client processing " Does anyone have a solution on it ?

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JiraPluginXML-src-nodeps.tar.g... 5.2 kB 1 22-Apr-2008 21:16 Works with JSPWiki 2.6.2 (only sources, without dependencies).
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