I wrote and (sorta) maintain the McKessonApsWikiPlugins package, as well as the GraphVizPlugin and the VisualizerPlugin.

GraphViz and the Visualizer are complementary, GraphViz is much simpler, but lacks the interactive nature of the visualizer.  These were developed to satisfy a short term project need that has since gone away; GraphVis can be considered 1.0 complete; the Visualizer is functional byt not complete to my ultimate goals.


!!Semi-active development items...
* A [WikiSynchronizer] is (__still__) under coffee break development.

!!My hitlist... 
* Improvements to page-attributes (metadata), the current [[{SET}] is um, odd (I think?).
* Ability to use LinkTypes.  With link-types, and page metadata, the semantics of wiki-pages and links becomes much more usable. Okay, thinking about extending the {{[[display name|LinkedPage]}} markup to {{[[display name|LinkedPage|LinkType1|LinkType2}}... Hmmm...
* A plugin to __manipulate__ metadata (attribute) values? Thinking about letting math be done with them for totaling, say, the 'cost' attributes of all pages in the Query results of 'TO [Software Tasks] AND TO [Hardware Tasks]'
** [[{Attribute get='attributeName' page='SomePage' display='Page %p Attribute %a is currently %v'}]
** [[{Attribute set='attributeName' page='SomePage' display='Page %p Attribute %a is currently %v'}]
** if page is ommited, defaults to this page, if display is ommited defaults to '%v'
** this is basically another way to use SET directives, but read/write, and from foriegn pages.
** plugin name is still up in the air, Value, MetaData, Attribute, what are they 'formally' called?

!!My wishlist...
* DrawingPlugin Really needed by me, but more work than I'll ever get time for.
* SpellingChecker maybe ala [WikiWikiWeb:SpellingChecker]? 
* FormMailHandler
* DiffPlugin

!!Pages that I've contaminated.
[{ReferringPagesPlugin separator=', '}]