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Vandalism #

So, some loser who used the name "Eric" from ip: vandalized the Main page and a few others. Oh well, it's a public wiki, I guess he didn't "get it", but if I every get opportunity to meet him <grr/>.
Yeah. In a public Wiki, it's hard to keep these guys out. Of course, usually not even the thickest morons bother to do it several times, since it is too easy, and too many people can fix the damages too easily. But if it continues, we can always do IP banning. --JanneJalkanen

Question #

Anyone notice that "spurrious" edit conflicts seem to occur more frequently with the 2.0.36? If I edit a page, save it, edit it, change a character, save it, edit it, ... Let me try to repeat it here, maybe? Guess not.
  • Ahh, that did it! And I did nothing but a clear, legal sequence of edits... Hmm... WTF?
  • I wonder if it's possible to have the edit conflict page show the "other" version's number and the editor's name (for information)?
  • I wonder... Is it a load thing? The servlet container maybe has multiple instances of the edit servlet, and each "fast edit" is handled by a "different" instance? Maybe thus causing the conflict? Smells like a possible synchronization issue...
  • I wonder if a unit test could be contrived? Hmm...
Do you mean "user XXX is editing this page", or do you get real hits to PageModified.jsp? --JanneJalkanen

Ummm, I mean I get hit with the ConflictContent page ("Oops! Someone modified the page while you were editing it!"). This is fairly easy to reproduce, goto the TestConflictContentPage and try the steps listed there.

Oh hell, I figured out what I was doing to cause this. First off I wasn't paying close enough attention, secondly, when doing a "fast" set of edits I tend to edit & preview alot with periodic incremental saves. Since to go from preview back into edit you have to hit the "back button" (backspace), I sometimes would save the page and instead of hitting the "edit" link to resume editing, I would go "back" to the "old" edit page that was in the browser history, since it had the "right" content in it I was didn't notice how I got there (inadvertant use of the back button) and would edit, preview, edit, preview, and when I saved, I got hit with the ConflictContent page. <sigh/> Sorry Janne for the false alarm here.

WISH: Man but it would be nice to keep the "Edit" pages out of the browsers history so you could not inadvertantly backtrack into one. I got some "novice" & "sloppy" users here who are going to get hammered by this sort of thing.

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