I need some SecurityHelp!

!!Open items 
* GraphVizPlugin
* ListChangesPlugin (Collapsing by author, diffing across collapse)
* ListPagesPlugin (__John__: question[1])
* DrawingPlugin

!Things I'll never get around to...
* And a BetterDiffOutput... 
* AutoLinkSuggester, maybe a PageFilter sort of thing that uses a heuristic to generate links? Maybe injecting them at page edit time too? 
* SpellingChecker maybe ala [WikiWikiWeb:SpellingChecker]? 

* WikiMarkupVariants are on my mind... 


!!Closed items 
* EmailNotifierPlugin, since I've found it inconvenient to use the XML-RPC based one.
* RedirectPlugin, useful for stiching multiple wiki instances together.
* Simple TickerPlugin to just try something easy. 
* AutoBackEditPatch, a minor patch, but invaluable to me.


[#1] John:  I'm quite interested in ListPagesPlugin, and am interested to know where it is at.  Drop me a line sometime if you don't mind.  --DanHoward