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Archive Plugin
Bug Elipsis In Page Name Fail To Save
Bug Form Input Plugin Does Not Allow Checked Radio Or Checkboxes
Bug Login And Register Jsps And Short Url Constructor
Bug Lucence Search Is Incomplete
Bug Reports
Bug Viewing Old Versions Of Attachments Is Broken
Contributed Template
Email Notifier Plugin
Email Notifier Plugin Discussion
Idea De Camel Case Pages Utility
Idea Wiki Archive Generator
JSP Wiki Logo Samples
John V
Murray Altheim
New Page Handler
Query Plugin Discussion
Redirect Plugin
Rename Page Patch
Search Enhancements
Ticker Plugin
Transclude Plugin
Wiki Markup Development

Open items #

Things I'll never get around to...#


Closed items #

[#1] John: I'm quite interested in ListPagesPlugin, and am interested to know where it is at. Drop me a line sometime if you don't mind. --DanHoward

Alas this plugin died during birth, I've simply got no time right now until this current project completes. Nothing exists but an empty stub of code and the text of the wiki page describing it. ListPagesPlugin, DrawingPlugin and ListChangesPlugin are infact on my list and will get done for fun when I have a breather. I'm currently in DSP hell right now whacking at bits & bytes with way too low level code. (Writing C such that specific assembler instructions get generated, yuck.) --JohnVolkar

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