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In an effort to clean up Janne's wiki, I'll cull my own writings and maybe start to refactor existing pages too...

Archive Plugin, Bug Elipsis In Page Name Fail To Save, Bug Form Input Plugin Does Not Allow Checked Radio Or Checkboxes, Bug Login And Register Jsps And Short Url Constructor, Bug Lucence Search Is Incomplete, Bug Reports, Bug Viewing Old Versions Of Attachments Is Broken, Contributed Template, Email Notifier Plugin, Email Notifier Plugin Discussion, Frank_Fischer, Idea De Camel Case Pages Utility, Idea Wiki Archive Generator, JSP Wiki Logo Samples, John V, Murray Altheim, New Page Handler, Query Plugin Discussion, Redirect Plugin, Rename Page Patch, Search Enhancements, Ticker Plugin, Transclude Plugin, Wiki Markup Development

Open items #

  • CommentPlugin Syntax like: [{Comment This is my comment}] Emits in html a small image with comment text as tooltip.
  • NewPagePlugin Automate the use of template pages. Syntax like: [{NewPage template='BugReportTemplate'}] Emits HTML form with inputbox for new page name, and a submit button, copies the specified template page to user specified name, browser immeditely proceeds to edit of new page with template text in it.
  • RemindPlugin Allow a running wiki email reminder notices to users.
  • ChatPlugin Use some combination of javascript/html/applet on the client side to provide instant message or irc like "chat" capability. Have the wiki host it and capture all messages to a wiki page for archiving.

Things I'll never get around to...#

Closed items #

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