In an effort to clean up Janne's wiki, I'll cull my own writings and maybe start to refactor existing pages too...

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!!Open items 

* [New Wiki Engine Concepts]

* CommentPlugin Syntax like: [[{Comment This is my comment}]  Emits in html a small image with comment text as tooltip.

* NewPagePlugin Automate the use of template pages.  Syntax like: [[{~NewPage template='~BugReportTemplate'}] Emits HTML form with inputbox for new page name, and a submit button, copies the specified template page to user specified name, browser immeditely proceeds to edit of new page with template text in it.

* RemindPlugin Allow a running wiki email reminder notices to users.

* ChatPlugin Use some combination of javascript/html/applet on the client side to provide instant message or irc like "chat" capability.  Have the wiki host it and capture all messages to a wiki page for archiving.  

!Things I'll never get around to...
* DrawingPlugin Really needed but more work than I'll ever get time for.
* GraphVizPlugin Maybe mote since the VisualizerPlugin.
* And a BetterDiffOutput... 
* AutoLinkSuggester, maybe a PageFilter sort of thing that uses a heuristic to generate links? Maybe injecting them at page edit time too? 
* SpellingChecker maybe ala [WikiWikiWeb:SpellingChecker]?