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In an effort to clean up Janne's wiki, I'll cull my own writings and maybe start to refactor existing pages too...

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Open items #

  • Plugin to manipulate meta data values? Thinking about letting math be done with them for totaling, say, the 'cost' attributes of all pages in the Query results of 'TO Software Tasks AND TO Hardware Tasks'
    • [{Value get='attributeName' page='SomePage' display='Page %p Attribute %a is currently %v'}]
    • [{Value set='attributeName' page='SomePage' display='Page %p Attribute %a is currently %v'}]
    • if page is ommited, defaults to this page, if display is ommited defaults to '%v'
    • this is basically another way to use SET directives, but read/write, and from foriegn pages.
    • plugin name is still up in the air, Value, MetaData, Attribute, what are they 'formally' called?

Things I'll never get around to...#

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