It's just plain old me wondering why anyone didn't tell me about this earlier. [1]

Plain old me just loves Twiki, but the new and enlightened me might learn to love this one even more.

Trying to do just that by running my own copy of private JSPWiki to organize my gamemastering notes (hint: if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check it from wikipedia:

Reach me via email.

[#1] I did. Pihlajatie#3, big green table, loud guys throwing dice. (Or was it? Maybe it was someone else. Or somewhere else.) The point is, this is what I'm theoretically using JSPWiki for, too. 'xcept I get bogged with coding it..=) --ebu

Must have been someone else since I'm usually so busy throwing dice at someone that it's not worth talking to me. ;) Personally, I've been fiddling with (T)Wiki for about 8 months now - and while it's certainly helpfull for gamemastering notes, the thing where it's really on it's own is GM collaboration - mostly live-game GM, since tabletop GM's tend to be lone wolf's. - JukkaKoskelin

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