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Laurillard Conversational Framework#

Four Activities#

  1. Discussion;
  2. Adaptation;
  3. Interaction; and
  4. Reflection

Discussion occurs between the teacher and the learner. The teacher and the learner should be able to access each other’s ideas and concepts.
Adaptation occurs for both the learner and teacher. The learners actions need to adapt to the teachers constructed environment. The teacher adapts their objectives based on existing ideas. The learner adapts by integrating feedback to their own ideas.
Interaction occurs between the learner and the environment as constructed by the teacher. They must give a task to the learner and then create an environment to adapt to it. They must also give support for the task and feedback to the learner about their performance.
Reflection is based on the learner’s performance, by both the teacher and learner. The learner reflects on the previous stages such as the initial concepts and the feedback given by the teacher. The teacher supports the learner to revise the previous steps.

Laurilard (4 Stages) Salmon (5 Stages)
1. Discussion 1. Access and Motivation
2. Adaptation 2. Online Socialisation
3. Interaction 3. Information Exchange
4. Reflection 4. Knowledge Construction
5. Development

Reference can be found here:

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