Hi there.

I'm checking out JspWiki to use as a personal PIM, as described in TheWikiWay. I also have used TheBrain in the past as an information manager, but don't find it to be sufficient.

I previously used EddiesWiki as a personal wiki, but have since transitioned to using JSPWiki as a personal wiki.

I don't grok perl as well as I would like, and JspWiki is right up my alley. (I get paid to do web development in java.)

So far JspWiki and SnipSnap seem to be the most interesting JavaWikiClones out there. I also checked out VeryQuickWiki (another JSP based wiki), but it doesn't seem to be as open-source-developer-friendly.

Things I want to work on:
  • Searching

I really want to improve searching in JspWiki. Someone had recently posted a patch for Lucene searching, I'll have to take a look at that.

  • Pluggable TranslatorReader
  • Documentation
  • Authentication
  • Templates
  • Enhance breadcrumbs tag with class attribute and Tei class
  • Migration perl script
  • Enhance Ant script
  • CVS support
  • Perl script to do delete me on windows
  • Amazon book links Use InterWiki links for this (see InterWikiLinkTips) --JanneJalkanen
  • ok then, "smart" Amazon book links (maybe done via Amazon Web Services?)
  • Migrate personalbrain features
  • "Add a comment" style posting

Notes to self:

try out weblog feature

JSPWiki migration script?

backslashes in property files?

hmm, check out ISBNTools. -- I use them to death at Schucker.org. Very helpful. -- Foster

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