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The fine students at University of Virginia have taken all the fun out of the "Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon" -game.

Link any two actors to each other, and discover interesting things... Did you know that Kylie Minogue has a Tauno Palo number of 3, or that Mira Furlan has a Takeshi Kitano number of 3?

In fact, it seems that I am hard-pressed to find any link longer than 3... Who can find the longest link?

HenriBlock: The Oracle says: Visa Makinen has a david hasselhoff number of 4.

JukkaKoskelin: I rule - The Oracle says: Fred Malatesta has a Jukka Rasila number of 5.

LanceLavandowska: Okay, it isn't longer than three, but it has Adolf Hitler in it which surprised me - Haley Joel Osment has a Charles Chaplin number of 3. I don't know if that really counts though, as the 'tween movie is a concert film using video clips.

HenriBlock continues: The Oracle says: Tommi Korpela has a Suh Jung number of 6.
Shawkins - The Oracle says: Sam Davis has a kevin bacon number of infinity. try that one out...

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