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This module provides a simple LDAP based authenticator. Following properties are required:

  • jspwiki.authenticator - name of our class: LDAPAuthenticator
  • jspwiki.ldapAuthenticator.serverurl - URL of the server used for authentication (ex: ldap://myserver/)
  • jspwiki.ldapAuthenticator.binddn - DN of an existing user used when searching entries (ex: cn=myuser,dc=in,dc=mydomain)
  • jspwiki.ldapAuthenticator.binddn-password - Password for the previous DN (ex: mypassword)
  • jspwiki.ldapAuthenticator.accountattribute - attribute to search for (ex, for a Windows Directory: sAMAccountName)
  • jspwiki.ldapAuthenticator.searchbase - The DN of the branch of the directory where all searches should start from. (ex: dc=mydomain)

Please note that this code as only been lightly tested against a Windows 2000 Active Directory LDAP server.

-- SebastienTanguy

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