The LaTeX Plugin allows it to create a PDF document out of Wiki content. The user can define which pages are combined to a single document. Templates are used to define the document type (article, book, ...). The created PDF file is attached to the current page.

This is what the plugin looks like on a wiki page: [{Image src='http://www.i3g.hs-heilbronn.de/attach/LatexPlugin/LatexPlugin.png'}]


This plugin is a rather large plugin. It requires a full LaTeX installation to work. The parser is based on the [LatexConverter] by Torsten Hildebrandt. The plugin consists of the plugin class that is used for the configuration and a Java servlet that does the actual job. Two other plugins (Bibliography and Cite) are used to make bibliography management inside of JSPWiki possible.

Due to the complexity of the plugin, the plugin description is splitted on several pages.

A sample document can be downloaded here: [Sample.pdf|http://www.i3g.hs-heilbronn.de/attach/LatexPlugin/Sample.pdf]


The installation is described on a separate page: [LatexPluginInstallation].


To create a document out of two wiki pages following code can be used:

[{LatexConverter author='Steffen' title='Test document'


!!Plugin documentation

The whole LaTeX plugin consists of three plugins which are explained on their on pages:

*[LaTeX Converter plugin|LatexPluginDocumentationLatexConverter]
*[Biblography plugin|LatexPluginDocumentationBibliography]
*[Cite plugin|LatexPluginDocumentationCite]