Class Cite#

Full name: org.wikiwizard.jspwiki.latex.Cite.

The Cite plugin, combined with the Bibliography plugin, allows managing a bibliography by using BibTeX code. The Cite plugin is used to reference bibliography entries. It generates a HTML link which points to the specific entry in the bibliography.

This plugin is converted to LaTeX code when parsed by the LatexConverter plugin.


  • src - Takes a name of a bibliography entry as specified in the BibTeX code, e.g. Some99.
  • page - The page parameter defines the page where the bibliography is found. This parameter is optional. The current page is used, if no page is defined.


[{Cite src='Some99'}]

This code references a bibliography entry on the current page.

[{Cite src='Some99' page='Bibliography'}]

This code references a bibliography entry on the page named Bibliography.

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