I think, the use of string-variables on top of each jsp-file / template-file\\ would make translations of templates into other languages much more easier. 

This an example on how to use variable for making translations of template-files easier.\\
The sample used the default LeftMenu.jsp file.

eg: the former string "__{{No LeftMenu!}}__" was replaced by "__{{<%= langNoLeftMenu %>}}__".\\ The result will be "__{{Es wurde noch kein Menü erstellt}}__".

-- [Heinz-Josef Lücking] --


  // Setting Language
  // ================
  // Setting a language or translating templates can be made much more easier by
  // using string-variables. 
  // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  // "No LeftMenu!"
  String langNoLeftMenu = new String("Es wurde noch kein Menü erstellt");
  // "Please make one."
  String langPleaseMakeOne = new String("Bitte erstellen Sie ein Menü: ");
  // "G'day."
  String langGDay = new String("Herzlich wilkommen");
  // "Set your name in"
  String langSetYourNameIn = new String("Wählen Sie einen Benutzernamen");
  // "UserPreferences"
  String langUserPreferences = new String("Benutzereinstellungen");

<h3 class="leftmenuheading"><a href="<wiki:LinkTo page="SystemInfo" format="url"/>"><wiki:Variable var="ApplicationName" /></a></h3>

<!-- LeftMenu is automatically generated from a Wiki page called "LeftMenu" -->

    <wiki:InsertPage page="LeftMenu" />
    <wiki:NoSuchPage page="LeftMenu">
        <p align="center">

        //Just a comment.
        //The line  
        //<I>No LeftMenu!</I><BR>
        //has been replaced by 
        <i><%= langNoLeftMenu %></i><br />
        <wiki:EditLink page="LeftMenu"><%= langNoLeftMenu%></wiki:EditLink><br />
        <p><hr /></p>
<div align="center" class="username">

    <wiki:UserCheck status="known">
        <b><%= langGDay %>,</b><br />
        <wiki:Translate>[<wiki:UserName />]</wiki:Translate>

    <wiki:UserCheck status="unknown">
        <%= langSetYourNameIn %><br />
        <wiki:LinkTo page="UserPreferences"><%= langUserPreferences %></wiki:LinkTo>
<wiki:Include page="LoginBox.jsp" />

<!-- End of automatically generated page -->