Here is the french localization made from 2.5.88 CVS.


updated for CVS 2.5.90 (login l18n)

--PascalSancho, 04-Jul-2007

Update for v 2.5.101 is done

--PascalSancho, 16-Jul-2007

Please, can you explain how to use it ?

--Alain, 16-Feb-2008

Here is the new French translation for JSPWiki v2.8. Now core pages are also translated (see Locales_fr/jspwiki-corepages-fr.zip(info)).

How to use this translation: just drop the Locales_fr/JSPWiki_fr.jar(info) file into the WEB-INF/lib subdirectory of your wiki installation directory.

Warning: since version 2.8, the Preferences page of your wiki allows language selection. Unfortunately, "fran├žais" is not part of the list. Good news are: you can make it visible! You only need to extract the templates/default_fr.properties file from the Locales_fr/JSPWiki_fr.jar(info) (with its full path), then insert the templates/ directory to the standard JSPWiki.jar file and eventually restart your Web server.

--Olivier Descout, 2008-11-03

Olivier, nice work! Maybe you want to contribute it officially to the JSPWiki project? This way, users wouldn't have to do extra steps, e.g. in order to be able to select French manually.

--Florian Holeczek, 04-Nov-2008 19:11

Gladly. Just tell me what to do. Is creating a new improvement issue on Apache JIRA, with the translated property files attached to it, the best way to do it?

--Olivier Descout, 2008-11-05

Olivier: Exactly! Also have a look at the TranslationsCheck tool in the JSPWiki tests sources, which allows you to quickly check a localization for completeness, double entries and more.

--Florian Holeczek, 05-Nov-2008 18:20

Thanks for contributing the patch, Olivier! From version 2.8.1 on, JSPWiki will be able to speak French out of the box.

--Florian Holeczek, 07-Nov-2008 15:57

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