The first ContributedTemplate, courtesy of MichaelGentry.

Notable features include:

  • Cleaner-looking and more stylish than the rather minimalist Default Template.
  • An extra set of links for editing the page, etc., at the top each page.
  • Addition of a "Printer Friendly Version" link/JSP, which displays a "clean" version of the page suitable for printing.




Most discussion is on ContributedTemplatesMrg. Some holdover stuff follows...

Version 5(info) of The "mrg" Template (see that page for installation notes and details) has been uploaded. The features/improvements, at least the ones I remember, include:

  • Better checking of your username at various points in the templates (it really wants you to visit the UserPreferences page to enter your username, now). This helps avoid IP addresses in the history and perhaps makes people a tad more responsible for content.
  • Speaking of UserPreferences, it includes two extra fields to specify the editor height and width settings for those of us with smaller/larger monitors. (This feature is now functional.) Do not install without reading the warning on the installation instructions page!
  • The CSS file has been cleaned up and is hopefully more maintainable.
  • The link associated with the logo can be configured in the properties file to go to the top-level page or a different "home" page. For example, on the intranet version I'm running, it takes one to the main company web site instead of back into the wiki.
  • Tries to use CSS often to control things, so it probably doesn't look good under Netscape 4.x, but should be fine under Netscape 6.x, Mozilla 1.x, IE 5.x/6.x, Safari, etc.
  • Probably a few other things, but ... that's all I remember at this point.


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