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What is JSPWiki?#

Welcome to JSPWiki, a feature-rich and extensible WikiWiki engine built around the standard J2EE components (Java, servlets, JSP).

  • New to Wiki's? Please see OneMinuteWiki for a quick tutorial if you're unfamiliar with Wiki's.
  • If you want to test this Wiki out, please go to the JSPWiki SandBox, which allows you to try everything easily.
  • The JSPWikiFeatures page shows you what JSPWiki has to offer.
  • Who is using JSPWiki? See JSPWikiSites.

Download JSPWiki#

JSPWikiDownloadDownload your own copy of JSPWiki now!

Support / Help#

Extensions / Extras#

Since our visitors can (and do!) actively contribute to the continued development of JSPWiki, please remember to bookmark this site if you find something of interest either from a visitor perspective or from a desire to contribute materials of your own.


JSPWiki is open-source software that is released under the Apache Public License. This website ( serves as the platform for project collaboration. The JSPWiki community welcomes any help with the project. You don't need to be a software developer to get involved -- there are many other ways to contribute. See the Getting Involved page for more details.

JSPWiki is an Apache TLP.

Other Places to go#

Below is a list of possible areas of interest, or feel free to use our Search feature at the top of the page to search by keyword or topic.
  • RecentChanges - an automatically generated list of the latest changes to can be viewed from this page. Any active discussions for this site can be seen on this page too.
  • OngoingDiscussions - static list of topics that have an ongoing discussion extending for months or years.
  • Categories - some pages on this site are organized into sections called Categories.
  • PageTags - some pages on this site are marked with a special link to identify them with a specific request.
  • PageIndex - list of all the wiki pages on this Wiki site.
  • UserListUserList - personal pages of visitors
  • UnusedPages - pages that are orphaned (not linked to by any other page).
  • UndefinedPages - pages that are linked to but have no page text written yet.

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