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__If you came to this site directly, please check out [this link|http://www.jspwiki.org/Closed.jsp].__ jspwiki.org is not really closed; but the front page has been changed to show how things could be.

!!New users

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Please participate on [Discussion About Wiki] if you have any idea on how JSPWiki should be developed further. All Wiki markup specific talk should probably go to [Wiki Markup Development].

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!!Interesting Places to go...

There are quite a few places to see. Use the list below for some more or less interesting things and contribute your own. Visitors build this site.

!Ongoing discussions

* [Advanced Editing Showcase]
* [Ideas - SubPages]
* [Ideas - Metadata]
* [Permalinks considered harmful discussion]
* [JSPWiki Documentation] - we will need to sort this one out...
* [JSPWiki Logo Samples] - vote your favourite JSPWiki logo!
* [PageFilters]
* [Ideas]
* [JSPWiki face lift]
* [JSPWiki Development]
* [Embedding JSPWiki]
* [Why choose JSPWiki]?

!Open problems!

''Make a page by adding it here, then describe your problem.''

* [Can not use mapped drive in Windows as Page directory]
* [No jspwiki.property file defined for this context]
* [Opening externel links by default in a new window]
* [Saving an edited page needs minutes to show new page]
* [Image map with links within the wiki]
* [Search does not use authorization]
* [How To Organize Wiki Pages]
* [Can We Display Split Page Name]
* [Macros Expansion In Pages]
* [AnyPlugin to insert arbitrary url]
* [When does LeftMenu get recompiled?]
* [Changing LeftMenu]
* [Deleting a Page|PageDeletion]
* [Getting an overview of all pages|GettingOverviewOfAllPages]
* [Attach dir not found]
* [Setting locale]
* [HTTP Links on the same server as JSP Wiki|sameserverHTTPLinks]
* [Installing Hula]
* [Getting RSS to work]
* [SerializationException]
* [CVS and JSPWiki clash]
* [Debugging Simple Authentication Problems]
* [Search Engines Locking Pages]

!Older discussions

* [DiscussionAboutWiki]
* [SerializingJavaToXML]
* [ExceptionHandlingInJava]
* [MemoryHandlingInJava]
* [Watching with a watchdog in Java]
* [HowToDesignRelationalDatabases]
* [Programming Philosophy]

!Software development issues

* [CVS tips]
* [Design patterns]
* [Application Frameworks]
* [Java Tips] [Pic/java.png]
* [JavaScript tips]
* [JSP tips]
* [UML Tips]

!Other things

* [Users' own pages|UserList] [Pic/personal.png]
* [Found from the net]
* [Abbreviations]
* [Linux tips] [Pic/linux.png]
* [SupportingTools]
* [Other web sites using JSPWiki|JSP Wiki sites]

* [Index|Page Index]
* [Unused pages]

* [Undefined pages]
* [Fun Stuff|Fun]
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