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Hello everyone, and welcome to the home of JSPWiki! #

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New users #

This is a WikiWiki, i.e. a site that can be edited by anyone. Yes, even you. Please see OneMinuteWiki for a quick tutorial, if you're unfamiliar with Wikis.

If you want to test this Wiki out, please go to the JSPWiki SandBox Wiki, which allows you to try everything easily.

JSPWiki is a WikiWiki engine built around the standard J2EE components (Java, servlets, JSP). This site serves as the general discussion area, bug report system, idea bin, and source repository.

There is also a TODO list, and a list of recent News. An automatically generated list of latest changes can be viewed in RecentChanges. Your frequently asked questions are answered in the JSPWiki FAQ.

If you have any cool ideas, please see SubmitNewIdea, or if you have a bug to report, please go to SubmitBugReport and fill in our fancy form.

If you just happened to stroll by, then why don't you leave your signature in the Guest Book Pic/personal.png.

Interesting Places to go... #

There are quite a few places to see. Use the list below for some more or less interesting things and contribute your own. Visitors build this site.

Ongoing discussions #

JSPWiki Hot Problems! #

Software development issues#

The following are a grab bag of non-JSPWiki -related issues.

Other things #

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