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Our bug tracking system is currently down due to hardware failure, and we're not expecting to replace it anytime soon. We are however moving the whole tracker to Apache infra, so it should be up once we get the infra going. Now please stop emailing me that is down! :-)

We have now upgraded to the latest, greatest JSPWiki! Let's see how this thing holds up under pressure, and if it does, we are ready to launch 2.6...

What is JSPWiki?#

Welcome to JSPWiki, a feature-rich and extensible WikiWiki engine built around the standard J2EE components (Java, servlets, JSP).
  • New to Wiki's? Please see OneMinuteWiki for a quick tutorial if you're unfamiliar with Wiki's.
  • If you want to test this Wiki out, please go to the JSPWiki SandBox, which allows you to try everything easily.
  • The JSPWikiFeatures page shows you what JSPWiki has to offer.
  • Who is using JSPWiki? See JSPWikiSites.

Download JSPWiki#

JSPWikiDownloadDownload your own copy of JSPWiki now!

Support / Help#

Extensions / Extras#

Since our visitors can (and do!) actively contribute to the continued development of JSPWiki, please remember to bookmark this site if you find something of interest either from a visitor perspective or from a desire to contribute materials of your own.


JSPWiki is open-source software that is released under the LGPL. This website ( serves as the platform for project collaboration. The JSPWiki community welcomes any help with the project. You don't need to be a software developer to get involved -- there are many other ways to contribute. See the Getting Involved page for more details.

JSPWiki is currently under the process to move to Apache Incubation, and will become a fully Apache-licensed project during this autumn.

Other Places to go#

Below is a list of possible areas of interest, or feel free to use our Search feature at the top of the page to search by keyword or topic.
  • RecentChanges - an automatically generated list of the latest changes to can be viewed from this page. Any active discussions for this site can be seen on this page too.
  • OngoingDiscussions - static list of topics that have an ongoing discussion extending for months or years.
  • Categories - some pages on this site are organized into sections called Categories.
  • PageTags - some pages on this site are marked with a special link to identify them with a specific request.
  • PageIndex - list of all the wiki pages on this Wiki site.
  • UserListUserList - personal pages of visitors
  • UnusedPages - pages that are orphaned (not linked to by any other page).
  • UndefinedPages - pages that are linked to but have no page text written yet.

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