On this page an instruction for how a new view can be made and contributed so that others can use it (and maybe edit it).

From version 1.9.x#

From this version the skin can be changed by editing the files in the directory:


(The files must still be in a directory named "default", but this is probably going to be changed so that it can be set as a variable in the jspwiki.properties file).

Some of the files are described below:

  • ViewTemplate.jsp - The file, that includes the other files. This is a good place to change the view.
  • EditTemplate.jsp - The file, that controls how the editor view must look like. Change this to change how the ui looks as a page is edited.

Make a page in this wiki, that explains (Screenshots...) the new view and how it can be obtained.


Please edit the above instructions and the version number. --Mortena

Yes, good page. Note that there is lengthy document about templates inside the JSPWiki 1.9.x distribution: See docs/Templates.txt for more information. It really should be added here once I (or someone else) gets the chance.


Oops. Missed a bit of documentation. Time to put it here: see JSPWiki Templates.

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