Mark Giereth#

I did some minor changes of the LatexPlugin in order to work with JSPWiki 2.4.102 and MiKTeX under Windows. You can download the following files from my homepage:

  • wiki.war ready to run web archive for JSPWiki+LatexPlugin
  • the corresponding Ecplise project (including JSPWiki2.4.102 libraries). Please read the readme.txt file.

Some tips concerning MiKTeX#

Since pdflatex is invoked as external process from within the servlet engine, it is very important that it does not block. A good idea is therefore to set the 'install missing packages on-the-fly' to true in the MiKTeX options dialog. Also provide a valid package repository and ensure that pdflatex and bibtex has been added to your path (normally done from the MiKTeX installer).


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