I'm at http://matt.undertheoak.net

My situation is that I am looking for a suitable alternative for the UseMod engine. I've recently been told that CGIs are considered problematic within our infrastructure. And very few people within my company really care about wiki (enough to get investment behind it). So, I've been playing the role of a newbie implementer and relying very strongly on documentation.

I've launched about 5 wikis using the UseMod engine... which I found to be pretty easy relatively speaking. But now I need to move to a JSP model (I think) because I work in a company that is heavily into Websphere Portal Server and they are generally discouraging use of cgi. So, if I want to be in a position to work with wiki with my colleagues... well... you get the picture.

One of the basic problems I have is that I'm not trained with as a developer the same ways that most of the rest of you have been. Whenever I see a piece of code, I'm not truely able to understand what is being done. So, I might ask a question and get a good answer. However, the problem is that in order to understand the answer, it might take hours or days of research and thinking about it.

So, when we consider the barriers to adopting JSPWiki, for me they are formidable. But I'm working at it. What I really need is some kind of JSPWikiForDummies... because that's really what I am. When it comes to JSPs, java, implementing servers, administrating servers,... I'm really a dummy.

So, "why are you here?", you might ask. Well... I've always been an early adopter of many things. Wiki represents the future of the web... an OpenWeb... where it is common place for non-developer types to be able to start things like wiki for whatever they want to do. But I'm not willing to wait for it. I figure that I have enough persistence and intelligence to start grabbing a part of the future today... despite the fact that I'm not a programmer, architect, administrator, other.

So... I've purchased a service through a web host provider. I have a virtual private server account on a linux system. Before I bought it, I made sure they were running all the required components for JSPWiki. So, I think I'm ready to go.

I'm Matthew Simpson. In the world of wiki... it's probably best to make this home base http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?MatthewSimpson. Now my page is up and running at http://matthew.undertheoak.net


I like what you have been doing around here - we need more WikiGardeners :-). Keep it up! --JanneJalkanen

  • Thank you, Janne. Welcome to my Personal Page here. I was hoping you would appreciate some of those ideas. I really admire what you've created. -- MatthewSimpson

July 6, 2003#

I'm moving pretty slow. This has to be the slowest JSPWiki install in history. I'm still studying the files... studying wiki engines... wondering about local wiki options... I noticed that sometimes JSPWiki is slow (like when I first visit, or when I try to search)... don't understand why... I am looking forward to getting started though... but I'm a bit nervous putting it in my web server... don't know why. I should just bite the bullet and do it. My problem is that I keep getting interrupted IRL. -- MatthewSimpson

Yup, JSPWiki is slow when you start it. This is because it goes through all of the pages in order to be able to offer you the "Referenced by" -feature, or so called back links. Being slow to start is also normal for any Java-based application.

Search is also slow - the first time. After that, the pages are cached in memory, and searching is quite a lot faster.

-- JanneJalkanen

Sad to report that I've moved away from JSPWiki and on to PmWiki. I just couldn't deal with
  • a) the 8180 in my URL (way too annoying),
  • b) the left menu (I really liked it at first, but ultimately got annoyed with it and couldn't change it... e.g. toggle it off or move it to the right-hand side of screen),
  • c) the template (I'm not a good css person), and
  • d) the complication with multiple wikis. I still have my instance running at http://undertheoak.net:8180/wiki/Wiki.jsp

-- JDuprez a (I guess you mean 8080), b and c are easy to solve (admittedly, for developer-oriented minds). Too late for you apparently, but feel free anyway to ask this kind of questions in Stupid Questions. There are knowledgeable and responsive developer people that might help you with an easy-to-apply solution.
JSPWiki has a number of customization points, but I acknowledge that the documentation lags badly, especially it becomes uneasy for a newcomer to find his way through all these customization points.

That being said, I still consider JSPWiki to be the best for a jsp shop (e.g. a WebSphere co.; especially if there is a developer or two who can build a template to specs).

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