For use with 2.2.x versions of JSPWiki only.#

For versions of these plugins that are intended to work with 2.4.x branch please use the CeryleWikiPlugins.

The attached jar contains:

For use with WikiForms...

Each of the plugin's listed above can be used like [{Ticker symbol='IBM'}] if you add com.mckessonaps.jspwiki.plugin you your plugin searchPath in the property file. This way you can add just the search path to the property file and have access to each seaparate plugin and use the plugin's without the redundant word "Plugin".

The form handlers have thier own fully-qualified-name prefix, com.mckessonaps.jspwiki.handler. You can add it to your search path if you use wikiforms and don't want to have to type fully qualiffed names.


To install Mc Kesson Aps Wiki Plugins using the binary distribution:
  1. Copy the file McKessonApsWikiPlugins.jar(info) into WEB-INF/lib.
  2. Restart JSPWiki.

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