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Media Player Plugin#


This plugin provides the embedded media player in your wiki page. Only tested and worked normally with the two browsers -- IE 6 and Firefox 1.0 , others may work, but not sure.


Please take a look at There're three embedded video on the wiki page.

Usage and Parameters#

You could use the plugin tag like this:

[{Mediaplayer src='fileName.wmv' width=320 height=240 caption='test1' control=1 autostart=0 autorewind=1 playcount=0}]

  • src = media file name, attachment could be acceptable
  • width, height = the dimension of the embedded media displayed
  • caption = the caption of the media (will shown in the below of the media player)
  • control = If it shows control bar or not. 1: show , 0: not show
  • autostart = If it start to play automatically or not. 1: auto , 0: manual (click to play)
  • autorewind = If it rewinds od not when play ends. 1: auto rewind , 0: not rewind
  • playcount = How many times it will play. 0 means always play.

Download and Installation#

If you'd like to allow wiki user adding embedded video in the pages, you could download the MediaPlayerPlugin package, then save it into your lib directory (the same place which your JSPWiki exists). Re-reload or re-start your service.

Source Code#

I attached the source code file for your reference. I modified the source code CorePlugin: Image to become this plugin. So that I use the same java package name (com.ecyrd.jspwiki.plugin).

The code is really simple and quite easy to understand, so that I don't put too many comments.

Only one file you need to build the plugin in your wiki system.

java source code(info)

Contact Me#

If you have any question, please let me know. I'm Geoffrey

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