!!Media Player Plugin


This plugin provides the embedded media player in your wiki page. Only tested and worked normally with the two browsers -- IE 6 and Firefox 1.0 , others may work, but not sure. 


Please take a look at [http://www.nlica.org.tw/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Synyi94Plan]. There're three embedded video on the wiki page.

!Usage and Parameters

You could use the plugin tag like this:


[{Mediaplayer src='fileName.wmv' width=320 height=240 caption='test1' 
  control=1 autostart=0 autorewind=1 playcount=0}]


*src = media file name, attachment could be acceptable
*width, height = the dimension of the embedded media displayed
*caption = the caption of the media (will shown in the below of the media player)
*control = If it shows control bar or not. 1: show  ,  0: not show
*autostart = If it start to play automatically or not.  1: auto ,  0: manual (click to play)
*autorewind = If it rewinds od not when play ends.   1: auto rewind  , 0: not rewind
*playcount = How many times it will play. 0 means always play.

!Download and Installation

If you'd like to allow wiki user adding embedded video in the pages, you could download [the MediaPlayerPlugin package|mediaplayer.jar], then save it into your lib directory (the same place which your JSPWiki exists). Re-reload or re-start your service.  

!Source Code

I attached the source code file for your reference.  I modified the source code CorePlugin: Image to become this plugin. So that I use the same java package name (com.ecyrd.jspwiki.plugin). 

The code is really simple and quite easy to understand, so that I don't put too many comments.

Only one file you need to build the plugin in your wiki system.

[java source code|Mediaplayer.java]

!Contact Me

If you have any question, please let me know. I'm [Geoffrey]